Saturday, February 27, 2010

This Weekend on IIWII.........No Combine For You (Saturday!!!)

Rejoice and let the weekend begin!!!!
The combine has started already and while I start to catch up on my DVRs of the Senior Bowl and other games, now it's time to watch The Combine.
It's funny, because I always get hyped up for The Combine. I think it's b/c for the football junkie (like me) it's the first time in a good month or two that you really get some football related news and/or action. By the end of The Combine, I'm always bored to tears. You can only watch guys in Under Armour gear running, jumping, doing drills and running some more. The guys on the NFL Network try to make it interesting, but they can only do so much. Rich Eisen is still the best moderator/host of any football show going, the sermons you get from Deion Sanders are great and I enjoy Mike Mayock's intensity as he breaks down the good and bad qualities of players.

But nonetheless, The Combine is boring as hell.

Just in case you've missed it, here's the IIWII survival guide for those who want to watch The Combine: "Advice for those who plan on watching The Combine"

Of course, the best parts of The Combine are the medical reports on draftees, the gossip on who's going where during free agency (remember it was around this time last year that John Keim broke the Haynesworth to the Skins story last year- yours truly thought it was a BS rumor, boy was I wrong!) and the early drama of lies and positioning for draft status of your favorite team.

I love how Adam Schefter has already thrown gas on the fire of who the Rams are drafting by claiming that the Rams will take Bradford #1 overall.

Me, I'm going to miss part of the Saturday events because work beckons again (frowning) but I'll be back to give updates on The Combine and catch up on some other topics that I just haven't been in the mood to cover Saturday night and Sunday.

Here's some thing to bide the time during The Combine:
- Count how many times NFLN mentions Tim Tebow and/or pans to him throughout the broadcast. I would have said make this a drinking game, but I don't want anybody to get alcohol poisoning on my behalf. However, email me with the correct number of times Tebow was mentioned and you'll get mentioned on the blog (sorry, IIWII is too cheap to start doing prizes right now).
-Figure out what will be the overplayed commercial of the day will be. My guess is probably the E-Trade babies (that got old quick), but it could be this catchy and eventually annoying commercial from McDonalds

And now your Friday Night Videos of the Week. I saw this on Tosh.0 a few weeks ago. It's catchy, crazy and makes no sense whatsoever. Right up my alley.

and with that video a classic from "Weird Al"

(unfortunately, you can't embed the video so I had to go with the live stuff).

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