Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More reason for me to get hyped up for the draft......

I just got my draft books (the ones Pro Football Weekly puts out)..... now I got my materials for the draft where I can read up on whomever is drafted next.

 Draft can't get here soon enough.

1st round Mock is in progress, may be up as early as tonight.

Monday, March 29, 2010

You Read the Rumor Here First (Probably):

Here's an article today from PFT about Jared Gaither and possibly being available for less than a 1st round pick:

In it, there is mention from NFL Network's (and former Washington Post Redskins Insider) Jason LaCanfora mentioning that there is interest in possibly getting Gaither for a second round pick. This is what he had to say about it from the NFL.com blog:

Multiple sources have said Ravens LT Jared Gaither is drawing interest and a second-round pick could get the trade conversation started. Gaither, a restricted free agent, was tendered with a first-round pick by the Ravens. Watch the Redskins, La Canfora says, especially if they pass on an offensive tackle with the No. 4 overall pick.

I wanted to emphasize this because if you've been reading IIWII, you would have read about this hypothetical scenario TWO WEEKS AGO:

There are rumors that the Skins will go QB at #4 and that QB would obviously be Clausen with Bradford gone. If the Skins do this, they still need a LT and by the time the Skins get to #37, most of the top picks (Okung, Bulaga, Davis) will be gone. There's Bruce Campbell, but he's a boom or bust guy (and will probably be taken by the Raiders at #8 anyway). Vladimir Ducasse played well in the Senior Bowl but many think he's better as a guard. Brown is very raw and Roger Saffold also would have to be developed.

There's another option: Trade #37 to the Ravens for Jared Gaither. The Ravens could use more picks after trading their 3rd and 4th rounders to the Cardinals for Anquan Boldin and the Ravens have a LT in waiting in Michael Oher.

Despite the injuries last year, Gaither is a proven LT and a better option at #37 than most of the rookies that will be there and since the Skins have spent little this offseason, Gaither could be given that money that the Skins in the past would have thrown at Dansby, Rolle or Peppers.

So while this is a blog by Redskins fans (well a Redskin fan and a semi Redskin/Ravens fan) and while we try to have alot of fun over here and do the frequent occasional link dump you might every once in awhile find a useful nugget of information.

So keep reading, you never know what you'll find at IIWII.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The IIWII Consensus Pick at #4 (2010 edition)

Every year I have a favorite draft candidate that I'd like to see the Redskins draft as their top pick. This started around 2004 when I actually found the draft interesting and had time to actually give NFL Football the fanatical obsession that I give it now (before then school got in the way).

Anyway here are my picks from past years:
2004- Sean Taylor
2005- Antrel Rolle or Carlos Rogers
2006- (2nd rounder) D'Qwell Jackson
2007- Amobi Okoye
2008- Branden Albert
2009- Michael Oher

Before I get started on this years 2010 pick, I'd like to look back on my pick last year. I think Michael Oher had an outstanding rookie season last year and he looks like he could be a very talented LT/RT for years to come. SHD has become a big fan. But, I have to admit if I thought that the Skins had even the slightest chance of Brian Orakpo at #13, I would've gone with him. I really thought Orakpo was going to the Browns at #5 (even though my final mock draft says otherwise). Anyway on to the 2010 pick.

NFL/Redskins News and Notes 3/28/2010

It's that time again for weekly Redskins news and notes, but with some big NFL news taking place we'll discuss that here as well. Let's start with the NFL first.

NFL News and Notes

Thoughts on the new overtime rule:
I understand the NFL's motivations to have games not decided by coin flips, but I think they went about this in a generally half-assed way. Dubbed the Brett Favre rule by many since the Saints won in OT without the Vikings touching the ball in the game after Favre's interception by Tracy Porter in the 4th qtr, the vote passed 28-4. Ironically, Vikings owner Zygi Wilf voted against the change. The new rule will allow the team that wins the coin flip to still win the game without the opposing team touching the ball if they score a TD on the drive. If the team only scores a FG or fails to score, the opposing team gets the ball for an opportunity to tie the game (with a FG) or to win it outright (with a TD). If the game is still tied after each team has a possession, then the "Sudden Death" rules come back into play and the first team that scores (either FG,TD or safety) wins. Oh yeah, nearly forgot, this rule only applies to playoff games
Now, it can make the game more interesting in strategy. Coaches that feel that their defenses are the stronger unit could choose to defer and still get the ball back even if there's a good kickoff return that leads to a FG. Also, coaches will debate whether to go the safe route and kick the FG or keep driving to win the game which could lead to a turnover in the process. Also, with few games on during playoffs, the rule may extend the games a bit longer which usually isn't a bad thing for many football fans. Plus, there is a fairness factor which some argue doesn't always exist in the NFL.

Here's the problems with this rule:

Creature Features Still Exist

I got to grow up in an interesting time. A time before infomericals. A time when there were many independent channels that weren't owned by conglomerates like FOX, CW, ABC, NBC or CBS. A time where TV didn't really know what to do with itself and had to come up with programming to fill the time slots. Yes, late night creature features (usually on Friday or Saturday nights) were around long before I was born but I think they really grew in popularity in the early eighties.

The concept was simple really. Have a host or hostess with a crazy backstory (usually a "good" monster of some type) show  a classic horror movie. Now the movie didn't really matter. It could be a classic like Night of the Living Dead or Halloween or it could be something campy like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes or a typical monster/horror film (Food of the Gods being one I clearly remember). As long as the hosts had a cheap set with minimal production value and tons of passion for what they were doing it was always perfect. It was a magical time for a kid. No school the next day and you could stay up as late as you wanted watching TV and eating popcorn until you got so tired you'd literally pass out on your sleeping bag (all good creature features for a kid required laying on the floor with sleeping bags and pillows at the ready. No bed for me, no sir!).

I still remember staying up until 11:30 on Friday nights to watch Chamber Theater on channel 13 with The Keeper. The Keeper was this creepy, crotchety old guy who introduced the films and usually had some segue in between commercials to either have some fun with the film or have some type of skit involving him or other characters.

 On Saturday's I remember usually watching channel 50 and usually there were re-runs of Sanford and Son or Hogan's Heroes that usually then lead to an hour of Tales From The Darkside (which as a kid was one of the creepiest intro's of all time. As an adult, it's pretty silly. "Ooooh a Darkside a place like here but not as brightly lit.....scary")

and finally Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.
What I really liked about Elvira was her wits (yes, I said wits with a W. Joke intended) and the fact that she made fun of herself and the bad movies she hosted. She was a smart character and not just somebody who introduced the movie, but somebody who became a part of the event. The Elvira character was so popular she went on to do many commercials (usually during Halloween) and be in a few feature films as well.

But as time went on, it seemed that much like Drive Ins and UHF, creature features seemed to become extinct (at least in my area) but I found solace in a TV show that followed a similar premise but tended to be more interactive with the film (in making fun of it) and was more sci-fi based. Enter Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Anyway, let me get to the point of this post. For the past few weeks, I've been watching the Retro TV channel and I found a creature feature on Saturday nights. Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive In fills what I've been looking for in a creature feature. So, if you're like me and enjoy B-horror films and the people who enjoy putting on the make-up and hosting the films then this might be a good show worth checking out.
Here's a link to Wolfman Mac's website. Enjoy!

PS. More Redskins stuff coming up tomorrow including News and Notes, the IIWII Consensus Pick for 2010 and maybe even another meaningless mock draft.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

OOPS! Ben did it again? More...

We'll get to Ben in a minute, but first SHD has some stuff to get out the way...

SHD's return

SHD wishes to apologize to the readers, followers and most of all to WDM of IIWII for his lengthy absent.

I'm blessed that in my job profession I'm still working in this train wreck of an economy. I'm even more blessed that we're over loaded with work at press time. On top of working 60 plus hours of week I'm going to school at night to better myself and hopefully get a better job in the future. On top of all that, I'm taking care of my beautiful almost 5 month old baby baby while my fiancee' works at night. Living on 3-4 hours of sleep a night can get a little rough.

It has slowed a little but I'm trying to live up to my commitment to be a part of this awesome blog even if it means making some sacrifices. Thanks for your patience WDM. Ok, lets make fun of Ben now...

Ben, Ben, Ben...

Ben Rothlisberger has been accused once again this time in Georgia a couple weeks back. This is the second accusation, the first one took place in Las Vegas. That case isn't a criminal matter now, just a civil case where both these dumb-bells are suing each other.

SHD's Take:
As a Ravens fan, I'm loving this total disaster that's going on in Pitts-puke. You know darn well after the first incident, Art McRooney sat his sorry ass down and pleaded with this guy. Probably something like:

Ben, hi this is Art in case you couldn't tell. Look this Las Vegas situation is really serious. Its bad enough that you made yourself look really stupid with that motorcycle accident a couple years back, but now you've given this franchise a serious black eye. You gotta be smarter than that.

Ben, its still Art, I haven't gone anywhere. I'm still sitting in front of you. Look Ben, Dr. Foreman and Steel City surgical team can only do so much to help cure this situation. Stop being a dumb-ass and go play football...

Unless there is some really incriminating evidence that proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ben did wrong here, its gonna be swept under the rug and Ben will be back throwing balls and getting sacked by the Ravens.

Ben probably won't get a criminal charge but it's possible there is a pending suspension from the league. But no matter what happens, Ben has forever tarnished his legacy and for that we (Ravens fans) thank you.  Thanks Ben.



Monday, March 22, 2010

Sims stays with 49ers

So much for any added depth to the O-line. Per multiple sources, Barry Sims signed a one year deal with the 49ers.

Here's hoping William Robinson and Gary Oldenburg are ready to be starters in the NFL.
Did I mention we need to draft Okung at #4?

Compensatory Picks Awarded: Skins Not Getting Any

Adam Schefter announced the compensatory picks for this draft and like I said, the Skins aren't getting any. No surprise based off of last year's offseason.

Here's the official list via PFT via Adam Schefter's Twitter:
Round 3

Cincinnati -- 96
Tennessee -- 97
Atlanta -- 98

Round 4

Cincinnati -- 131

Round 5

Pittsburgh -- 164
Atlanta -- 165
Pittsburgh -- 166
Minnesota -- 167
San Diego -- 168
Green Bay -- 169
Round 6
Carolina -- 202
Jacksonville -- 203
Carolina -- 204
New England -- 205
San Francisco -- 206
Tennessee -- 207

Round 7 

Indianapolis -- 240 
Tennessee -- 241 
Pittsburgh -- 242
Philadelphia -- 243
Philadelphia -- 244
Seattle -- 245
Indianapolis -- 246
New England -- 247 
New England -- 248 
Carolina -- 249 
New England -- 250 
Oakland -- 251
Miami -- 252 
Tampa Bay -- 253
St. Louis -- 254
Detroit -- 255

Don't Mess With Sean Taylor Peter King

I read other blogs obviously and every once in a while I read a post that I feel is worth sharing and today I found one. Redskins blogger Matt Terl wrote about some comments made by Peter King about overvaluing draft picks and drafting positions too high. Reasonable comments. Lofty comments (as King would say in his MMQB column). And for the most part, King does make some valid points. Problem is that he aimed some of those views towards one of IIWII's and the Redskins favorite players in the late Sean Taylor.

From King:
"Of the four top-10 safeties this decade, none has had franchise-player impact: Sean Taylor (Washington, fifth overall, 2004), Michael Huff (Oakland, seventh, 2006), Donte Whitner (Buffalo, eighth, 2006), LaRon Landry (Washington, sixth, 2007). Taylor might have had franchise-player impact if he had not been gunned down three-and-a-half years into his career. But overall, the position justifies the caution lots of teams are taking with it."

You see Mr. King, Sean Taylor and his death is still a pretty sore spot for many Redskin fans. Never have I seen the fan base more united after his murder and this includes the times when the Redskins were an actual winning franchise that dominated the NFC in the 80's and early 90's. Was Taylor a franchise player? You bet. The man was a play maker and fans came to games to see what he was going to do whether it was make an INT, recover a fumble (or blocked FG) or lay a massive hit. This was a kid who could actually cover Randy Moss 1 on 1 when Moss was at his best and win those match ups. This is a guy who owned TO. A guy who made Todd Pinkston develop "alligator body" (Joe Theisman's comment from MNF) at the thought of being hit by Sean Taylor (Ed. Note, it was Ryan Clark however that was going to make the hit). This was the guy that made the Pro Bowl watchable with the hit on Mooreman. This was the guy that owned your pal Brett Favre with 2 INTs (could have been more like 3-4 that day) in their last meeting.
Now these comments weren't close to the horrible comments made by Colin Cowherd (how does this creep still have a job?) after Taylor's death but I don't think they're correct either.

Matt does a better breakdown of why Taylor was a franchise player and it's a bit nicer than I would have approached it (of course, I'm just a fan who does this in his free time. Matt Terl is the pro here). But nonetheless it's a good read. So I'll leave you with the highlights of Mr. Terl's comments and the link to the article over on the Redskins blog.

From Matt Terl:
"First of all, I would argue that Taylor was already well on his way to being a franchise player. Between his statistics (which I've already enumerated), the anecdotal impact he had on his teammates, and his undeniable popularity with the fans, he already was at the time of his death just about everything you want in a franchise player."

Peter King Is Skeptical Of The Sean Taylor Draft Pick (Redskins Blog)

Redskins News and Notes 3/21/2010: Is Kiper Right Again?

Before I get to the main Redskins news, I was looking through my archives for some stuff and came along this little tidbit that I wrote about in early 2009:
Could the Redskins land a GM?
Pro Football Talk is reporting that there is a rumor at the Senior Bowl going around that former Bucs GM Bruce Allen may be joining the Redskins in some capacity.
Technically the Redskins don't have a GM and all GM duties are currently handled by Executive VP of Football Operations Vinny Cerrato (our officially unofficial GM). 

Hmmm.....very interesting.

Kiper Says QB
Last year Mel Kiper Jr. and his hair predicted in his first mock draft that the Redskins would take Brian Orakpo with the 13th pick (in his 1st mock draft) and as you know he nailed it. This year Kiper has been unyielding in his opinion that the Redskins will take a QB at #4. First it was Sam Bradford and now it's Jimmy Clausen. Now maybe he knows something that I don't. I mean he does have inside info. and works at the "worldwide leader" but everytime I see Mel Kiper, I think of The Count from Sesame Street.

(Separated at birth? Either way their hair is perfect!)

Got to love Kiper though, he's one of the people responsible for making the draft what it is today: Tons of anticipation and expectations that usually lead to shock and disappointment. But that's the draft, a time when all of your football dreams could come true but usually don't. Many of the draftniks are leaning towards the Skins taking Clausen including Scott Wright of NFL Draft Countdown and Matt McGuire of WalterFootball.com. McGuire has even gone as far to write an article called  Five Reasons Why the Skins Won't Pass on Jimmy Clausen. Me, I'm not sold yet.

Then, The OM Field did a breakdown on Clausen known as The Jimmy Clausen Files (Ed. Note: He's doing this breakdown on most of the candidates for the #4 pick and has already done a breakdown on Sam Bradford). It's a good read and after you read it, you might think it's not a bad move if the Skins went this way. There's just one problem..........

The Skins currently have no one at tackle to block for him.

If you've been reading IIWII or read any of my comments on BGO, then you probably have an idea where I stand on the #4 pick. I'm pretty adamant that the Skins should take Russell Okung at #4 (if he's there, many think that the Lions may go after Okung over Suh- which IMO is crazy) and try to rebuild this O-line. Matter of fact, I've been demanding that the Skins address the O-line for the past two seasons (2008 I wanted us to take Branden Albert if he was there and in 2009 Michael Oher) and I'm hoping that they will this year. At least Kiper's draft partner in crime Todd McShay agrees with me and thinks Okung is the guy. Matter of fact, he doesn't even consider Clausen a top ten pick.

Speaking of Quarterbacks......
 (You knew that the Redskins weren't getting out of this draft without a discussion on Tebow)

The Skins sent a group (including Mike Shanahan, Bruce Allen and Scott Campbell) of personnel to Gainesville, Fl on Saturday to meet with the one and only Tim Tebow. Since Shanahan was unable to attend Tebow's pro day this past week, the Skins are meeting with him for a private workout to determine if he's worth taking probably at the #37 pick. The word from Tebow's pro day is that he looked amazing to pretty decent (depending on who you read or watch on TV) with his new throwing motion and improved footwork. He could be a potential pick for the Skins, although I think #37 is too high for Tebow even though I like him and think in 2-3 years he could be the best QB that comes out of this class......yes, I'm being serious. The Skins also have plans to work out Sam Bradford per the Post. No word yet on whether Jimmy Clausen or Colt McCoy will have private workouts with the Skins, but that doesn't matter. Jay Cutler had very little contact with Shanahan and the Denver Broncos prior to being drafted by them.
Also no word on any other players coming in for a visit as well........

Proof That the Redskins Have Changed: Joey Porter
In previous years, the Redskins would have brought in a guy like Joey Porter (a guy who's past his prime, may not be well liked by his former team, but used to or recently have had good production) wined and dined him and signed him to a contract. That contract would have been for 5 years with a good chunk guaranteed money thrown in the deal. Instead, in 2010 Porter left Ashburn without a contract and eventually signed with Arizona for 17.5 million over three years (with a possibility of the contract reaching a maximum of 24.5 million). I figured the Skins might have gotten him for about 3.5 to maybe 4 million a year for a 1-2 year deal. It's amazing what difference a year makes.....the Redskins in the past would overpay for players (usually bidding against themselves) and now it's the other teams that are overpaying. Arizona is one example. The Packers are another in increasing Chad Clifton's paycheck by about two million a year.

Free Agents
Last time I did a Redskins News and Notes, there had only been 1 FA pickup: Artis Hicks.  Since then, the Skins have signed a few more players, let's take a brief look at them:

Maake Kemoeatu, NT/DT: This is the ultimate low risk/ high reward move by the Redskins. Kemoeatu is still recovering from an achilles tendon injury and may not be ready until training camp. That said, if he is healthy he could be a real monster at the NT position. This also allows Albert Haynesworth to play as a 3-4 DE and try to be more of a destructive force. His $7 million contract over 2 years is pretty cheap for a nose tackle.

Sean Ryan, TE: Not much to say about him really. He's a blocking TE and will fight for a roster spot to be the #3 TE on the roster. This is his sixth NFL team. What this move means is that it's unlikely that we'll see Todd Yoder in a Redskins uniform again.

Rex Grossman, QB: He knows the Shanahan system based on his time last year with Kyle Shanahan. He's been to a Super Bowl with the Bears. Yet, he has a horrible QB rating and is a interception machine. While his arm may be an upgrade to Todd Collins' arm, let's hope Jason Campbell stays healthy most of the 2010 campaign.

Larry Johnson, RB:  This was a weird pickup for me. Johnson has huge off field character concerns and isn't that much of a different change of pace back than Clinton Portis. If anything, Johnson being here is an insurance policy for the Skins. If Portis is out of shape or pulling a drama queen stunt, they have somebody who can very easily replace him now.

Where Are They Now?
-Quinton Ganther is a Seahawk
-Marcus Mason is a Charger
-Antwaan Randle-El is a Steeler (again)

Final Thoughts
- The Skins will be having a Draft Day Party after all. Will take place on Saturday the 24th and not only will Mike Shanahan address the fans (4:00PM) but whomever the Skins draft in the 1st round is scheduled to be there as well. More details on the draft day party can be found here. IIWII will be covering this, I personally want to get a look at the new jumbotrons and would like to walk on the field.
- Tomorrow, the NFL will release some of the schedule for the 2010 season. Thanksgiving games and the season openers mostly. The rest of the schedule will be released in April (I'm guessing the week before the draft)
.- Also per Adam Schefter, the NFL will announce the compensatory draft picks sometime this week. Don't get your hopes up Skin fans, I don't expect us to get any this year. But it will be a good indication of how long the draft will be and who will jump ahead of us in the 4th, 5th and 7th rounds.
- We should know whether LT Barry Sims will be joining the Skins sometime this week. My guess is no later than Tuesday. Sims could be valuable depth at the LT position although I don't think he would will the starting LT.
-A new episode of Skinscast is up. Always a enjoyable podcast to listen to. Spoiler Alert: There is a suggestion that if Shanahan fails that our pal Vinny may be back in the Redskins organization. So I guess I better keep my Vinny images ready to be used at any moment.
(I'm Baaaaaaacccccck!!!!!!!!!)

and of course this would be my reply:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

If LT Barry Sims Signs With the Redskins What Does It Mean?

There has been some speculation on what the Redskins will do if they sign unrestricted free agent Barry Sims (Ed Note: As of this posting Sims has left DC to go back home and think about whether to sign with the Skins or possibly return to the 49ers). in the draft. Some have thought that this means that it would be a lock that the Skins will now take a QB with the #4 pick.

To me, it means little to nothing.

First, lets look at the O-line situation, with focus on the OT position shall we?
Can you name our starting tackles as of now?
Ok, you may have said Stephon Heyer. And that would make sense since he was the starting RT last season, but is it a guarantee that Heyer will be the starting RT this season? I didn't think so.
Excluding Heyer, let's look at the remaining tackles on the team: (Note: Mike Williams won't be included here, nor Artis Hicks I've got them both as guards right now and at this point in their careers, I think it would be a major problem if either played the LT position).
Clint Oldenburg
William Robinson

That's it. Not much depth there as we head towards the draft. If Sims was signed to be the starter, who would back him up? Would you as a Skins fan feel good about one of these very young and inexperienced players having to block Ware or Cole in a game? Me neither.

Now, let's look at Sims. In December, he'll be 36 years old. Also, he's been playing more as a backup OT/OG than a starter. In his past two years, he's been active for 30 games for the 49ers but only has started in 15 of those games. To me, he looks like a very valuable back up/depth player who can mentor the younger tackles on the team and occasionally start.

Now does this mean that the Skins will draft a LT with the #4 pick? Nope. I have no clue what Shanahan/Allen plan to do. I do know that if this was the Vinny/Snyder team, they would have scooped up Jimmy Clausen without a second thought.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Like the New Look? New Polls, Slightly New Name.....We Want Followers Damn It!!!!!

So last night, I got bored and started to play around with the blog's template. I wanted the text to stretch more and to take up more room like some of the other Blogger blogs that I read. I found this one and after bringing back the color schemes that make up IIWII, well you have what you're currently reading.

Hope you like it.

There's also been a slight name change. It's pretty obvious by now if you 're an IIWII reader that this is primarily a Redskins blog dedicated to the franchise, players, coaches, fans and everything in between that make up the Washington Redskins. When I originally started IIWII, I had a broad scope planned with the main focus still being on the Skins and football but with some time being spent on other things like comics, movies, tv and other stuff. The other stuff would have been discussed more during the off season, but there was only one problem:

Following football has become a 24/7/365 thing for me.

Of course, I'll still be writing about other stuff (SHD hopefully as well). I'm looking forward to Chris Nolan's Inception and the next Iron Man movie, but right now I'm in NFL Draft mode.

We're Looking For Followers
IIWII is is getting close to having 10,000 views/visits to the site. Now, granted I'm some of them b/c  everytime I pop on the blog for a post, to do a new poll, look for comments, etc. it counts as a visit. But I know people are out there reading IIWII, so jump on board and become a follower of the blog. So far we have three followers (thank you by the way) and we're hoping that we can get more. As a reward, I'm going to send a prize to one random follower: a mini-football helmet (the ones you get out of the vending machines at the supermarket for about 75 cents). Hey I have a budget of $0 so what do you expect?

Has anybody seen SHD?
SHD has been missing in action on the blog for awhile. He's been busy with the real world and stuff. I had to even tip him off about the Boldin trade (although he tipped me off on the Larry Johnson signing while I was working). For Shame.
So until SHD comes back and does another post, I'm replacing his Joker avatar with something he truly hates:
You can see this new avatar when you click on his profile.
See you soon Dan.

Like I've said, I'm all hyped up for the draft (only about a month away, yay!!!) and have added some new polls about the Redskins picks and watching the draft.

I hope you enjoy the new IIWII and we're going to keep improving it as time goes by. Thanks again for reading.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Draft Trade Scenario Few are Thinking About........

With rumors floating that Sam Bradford will go #1 and Russel Okung could go #2, here is a scenario I would like the Redskins to think about.

There are rumors that the Skins will go QB at #4 and that QB would obviously be Clausen with Bradford gone. If the Skins do this, they still need a LT and by the time the Skins get to #37, most of the top picks (Okung, Bulaga, Davis) will be gone. There's Bruce Campbell, but he's a boom or bust guy (and will probably be taken by the Raiders at #8 anyway). Vladimir Ducasse played well in the Senior Bowl but many think he's better as a guard. Brown is very raw and Roger Saffold also would have to be developed.

There's another option: Trade #37 to the Ravens for Jared Gaither. The Ravens could use more picks after trading their 3rd and 4th rounders to the Cardinals for Anquan Boldin and the Ravens have a LT in waiting in Michael Oher.
Despite the injuries last year, Gaither is a proven LT and a better option at #37 than most of the rookies that will be there and since the Skins have spent little this offseason, Gaither could be given that money that the Skins in the past would have thrown at Dansby, Rolle or Peppers.

Of course if Okung falls to the Redskins at #4 we shouldn't have to worry about this scenario hopefully.

Thanks to Dave-O over at Staying Medium for suggesting the Skins going after Gaither in this post.

Brady Quinn Traded to Denver For Ham Sandwich and a Bag of Chips

(I'm sure he's thinking of another finger when Quinn thinks of the Cleveland Browns)

How the mighty have fallen. Quinn, who was the last great Notre Dame superstar until somebody named Clausen came to town, was the 22nd overall pick in the 2007 draft by the Cleveland Browns. Quinn was hoped to be the first quarterback since Bernie Kosar to actually have an impact as a franchise quarterback. However, after three seasons of struggling and having limited starting opportunities, Quinn has been traded to the Denver Broncos for a player and 2011 and 2012 picks. No offense to Peyton Hillis, but he was a 7th round draft pick in 2008. So more or less, the Browns get a 7th round player a 6th round pick in 2011 and a conditional pick in 2012 (my guess as high as a 5th rounder?) for a player who was a former 1st rounder.

So what does this mean?
Well, the Browns have made it pretty clear that Jake Delhomme will be the starter in 2010 (and possibly beyond) with Seneca Wallace as the backup. So much for all those rumors that have been going on since the 2009 offseason about the Skins trading Jason Campbell to Cleveland. My advise to the Bengals, Ravens and Steelers is to make sure you have corners with good hands......they'll be using them in 2010.
The Broncos may have taken themselves off the market for a QB with Quinn set to challenge Kyle Orton for the starting QB spot next year.......did I really say that? Would you consider either Orton or Quinn long term starting caliber options at QB? Maybe.
Does that mean the Redskins will be the main team gunning for Colt McCoy? Or is Mike Shanahan looking at Quinn's replacement at Notre Dame as the next Redskins QB?

Who knows. My question is to the Dolphin fans......do you guys still wish you had drafted Quinn at #9? At least Quinn can take solace that one NFL team's fans wanted Quinn so badly that they booed their coach off the stage and it led to Cam Cameron eventually being fired for going after Ted Ginn Jr.

Thoughts on the Senior Bowl

With nothing much going on in free agency and only speculation on who's going where in the draft (Ed. Note: Don't you love how the media, which then trickles down to the draftniks and fans, focus on the tiniest bit of news or decide that Player X is the hot player of the week and it radically shifts the mock drafts and speculation on where a player is headed? More on this later when I write about Okung and Clausen in another post) I thought I would take a look back at the Senior Bowl and who looked good and who didn't. While we didn't get to see some of the elite draft prospects (due to injury, deciding not to play or that they are juniors) there is a pretty decent amount of talent in this years Senior Bowl with many being mid to late first round draft prospects.

Here's my notes, broken up by quarter with some commentary afterwards on who shined and who didn't. Also, I linked each player to NFL Draft Countdown so if you want to read more on the player, you have a nice resource.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thoughts on the East/West Shrine Game

Trying to catch up on some posts I wanted to make a few weeks ago.
I watched the East-West Shrine game and there was little to report for anybody interested in the draft. Generally speaking, it was a dull game and little happened worth mentioning.

Anyway here's some notes I took (not much):

-Ali Villanueva, TE (Army) just looks like an amazing target in the Red Zone. I remember his height being a problem for the Midshipmen in the Army/Navy game.
-O'Brian Schofield, DE/OLB (Wisconsin) made a nice play on a ball for an INT, could be a decent pick up as a 3-4 OLB
-Blair White, WR (Michigan St.) looks like he could be a solid possession receiver. Nice route runner, gets good separation.
-Pat Paschall, RB (North Dakota St.) decent cut, pass catcher
-Andre Dixon, RB (Connecticut) 1 cut back, durabilty
- John Skelton, QB (Fordham) Amazing release, "Laser Arm"!!!!, looks inconsistent at times. Todd McShay (calling the game in the booth) says that there are concerns about his work ethic ala JaMarcus Russel.
-Keenan McCardell was the WR coach for the West team, it wouldn't surprise me if some WRs or DBs that played in the game get signed by the Skins as late round draft picks or UDFAs. It's nice to have a guy on the inside to scout a few players.

Looks like most of these players will be drafted at best in day three of this years draft.

Batman 3: Has the Riddler Been Cast?

Going to break away from Redskins/NFL news for a moment with a tidbit of movie news.

It looks like The Riddler may have been cast for the next Chris Nolan Batman film.......

at least according to IMDB.com

According to them, this guy:
will be Edward Nygma in the next Batman film.

So who is he?

Click the link here and find out the answer to the question (or riddle, heh).

Now this could be utter BS and since no other websites are reporting it, I take it all with a grain of salt.
But no matter who it will.might be, I have complete faith in Nolan's moves. I mean who would have thought Heath Ledger would have been a great Joker?

Update: It must be BS, his name was taken off the cast list.

Meaningless Mock Draft 2.0- The Top 16.

As we get closer, I'll continue to add and update the MMD. With about a month and a half until the next draft, here's the top 16 spots in my opinion and a completed 7 round Redskins mock.

The Top 16

1. St. Louis Rams- Sam Bradford, QB
Right now, it looks like the Rams are in a toss up between Bradford, Suh, McCoy and possibly Clausen. The Rams are desperate for a new franchise QB and neither Bulger or Feely is that guy. Sam Bradford could be that guy in a generally weak QB draft class. Bradford is supposed to be a good leader and is very accurate. If he's cleared by the doctors and can pick up a pro-style offense, who knows how far he can go?

2. Detroit Lions- Gerald McCoy, DT
This could easily be Ndamukong Suh, but I think the Lions will go more towards McCoy because he reminds coach Jim Schwartz more of former player Albert Haynesworth. Either way, the Lions get a top tier DT prospect.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Ndamukong Suh, DT
The Bucs take whomever is left and are happy about it. They hope either way that they've found their next Warren Sapp.

4. Washington Redskins- Russel Okung, OT
If Bradford is still on the board here, it could be him, but I believe that Mike Shanahan has to continue to re-build the Redskins O-line and he does this by drafting an elite left tackle. If the season started today, Stephon Heyer would be the Redskins current left tackle (Samuels retired and Jones is a UFA) and that would just not be acceptable.

5. Kansas City Chiefs- Eric Berry, S
This is a toss up between Berry and OT Brian Bulaga, but despite the need for a LT (which would allow Branden Albert to be moved to the right side and make the line stronger) the Chiefs go for the best safety in the draft (and some would argue the best player in the draft) and strengthen their secondary.

6. Seattle Seahawks- Jimmy Clausen, QB
Matt Hasselbeck isn't getting any younger and new coach Pete Carroll will look towards Clausen who has experience in a pro-style offense and could be a starter before the 2010 season ends.

7. Cleveland Browns- Joe Haden, CB
The Browns have needs in the secondary and with Berry off the market, the go after the top corner in the draft in Haden.

8.Oakland Raiders- Bruce Campbell, OT
Could the Raiders again draft a Maryland player this high, who had a great combine but is a question mark when you watch actual game footage of the player? Yes, they could. Sorry, Raider Nation.

9. Buffalo Bills- Anthony Davis, OT
The Bills O-line has been a mess this past year with injuries and departures of starters. The Bills attempt to remedy this problem starting with a new LT.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars- Jason Pierre-Paul, DE
The Jaguars were the worst team in sacks in 2009. Obviously they try to improve upon that here. Derrick Morgan or Brandon Graham may be another option at this spot or even a DT.

11. Denver Broncos- Dan Williams, NT/DT
The Broncos have a need for a solid NT and barring a move in free agency, I think they take Williams here. WR could be a possibility, but I just can't see them going high for Dez Bryant when they still have Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal. This all changes if Marshall is traded however.

12. Miami Dolphins- Dez Bryant, WR
The Dolphins need a go to WR and while I think Bill Parcells wouldn't normally draft a WR this high, he'll take the best WR off the board to better the Dolphins. If Dan Williams is still there, they'll go in that direction.

13. San Francisco 49ers- CJ Spiller, RB
This pick doesn't really fill needs for the 49ers and frankly, I think they'd be smarter to either go after a Trent Williams or Derrick Morgan here, but many have taken some comments by the 49ers about drafting a RB to heart. Spiller is hard to pass up because of his play making abilities as long as you use him sparingly like a Reggie Bush.

14.  Seattle Seahawks- Brian Bulaga, OT
Pete Carroll would probably like to take Taylor Mays here and he still might. However, the Seahawks need to find some linemen to protect Hasselbeck/Clausen and are amazed that there is still a top tier tackle left on the board.

15.  New York Giants- Rolando McClain, ILB
With Antonio Pierce cut, the G-Men are looking for somebody to play inside. McClain fits the bill.

16. Tennessee Titans- Derrick Morgan, DE
After losing Albert Haynesworth in 2009 and now Kyle Vanden Bosch in 2010, the Titans are looking to rebuild the D-line and Morgan is a great start.

Redskins MMD
 4. Russel Okung- you saw what the Skins looked like when Chris Samuels went on IR. Okung will excel in a Shanahan system and I can't wait to see him take on DeMarcus Ware.

37. I think the Skins will trade down here and since this is a 3 day event now, I would expect the Skins to be fielding a great deal of calls after day 1. That said:
Colt McCoy, QB- while Dan Lefevour was a huge stretch in the 2nd round, Colt McCoy isn't. McCoy said that he'd like to play for the Skins. Brian Orakpo could probably give the coaches a good scouting report on him as well.
Don't be surprised if the Skins go OT, LB or CB here however.

100. Ben Tate, RB
This is a deep RB class and I wouldn't be surprised if the Skins grab tate here especially after the team jettisoned most of the RBs a few days ago.

131. Sam Young, OT
With most of the FA tackles off the board, the Skins draft Sam Young in the 5th to challenge Stephon Heyer for the starting RT position. If not him, then maybe VT's Ed Wang.

195. Travis Ivey, NT/DT
The Skins will need to find somebody at the NT position and I'm not sure if it will be Albert Haynesworth or Anthony Montgomery (or a free agent). Skins take a shot on a local kid here.

Smokescreen or Draft Possibility/Reality: Colt McCoy

From Rick Maese (via Twitter):
RT @SI_RossTucker Colt McCoy named the Broncos and Redskins as two teams he has had good conversations with and would love to play for.

Very interesting, Colt was going to be my new pick at #37 in Meaningless Mock Draft 2.0 (coming soon), so I wonder if the Skins will make a play for him if he's there in round 2 (way too high to take him at #4)

NFL Free Agency Round Up

Here's a nice spreadsheet with rankings by Scout.com for free agents. It also lists where they were in 2009 and where they went in 2010. You can click the link below.
2010 Scout.com Free Agency Tracker

There haven't been that many moves with this UFA class being rather poor, but there have been a few notable trades and some surprise signings. Who would have thought that the Bears would be this season's "offseason champs" with the Lions right behind them.

So Long, Farewell, Welcome and Welcome Back

As you might know by now the Redskins released 10 players on Thursday night as they began to prepare for free agency, the draft and the 2010 season. Just in case you missed it, here are the players (full article on the Redskins Blog):

 So Long
Ladell Betts
Rock Cartwright
Todd Collins
Cornelius Griffin
Marcus Mason
Antwaan Randle El
J.D. Skolnitsky
Fred Smoot
Randy Thomas
Eddie Williams

Friday, March 5, 2010

So Much For Free Agency (So Far).....

At this point, there has been no major free agent signings by the Washington Redskins.
Matter of fact, I'm not even sure that the Skins have even talked to Julius Peppers' agent.

To me, that's a good thing.

So far, the only scheduled visit is for former Packers LT Chad Clifton to visit Redskins park. Frankly, I hope this doesn't cause the Skins to skip selecting a OT at #4 if/when they sign Clifton.

It looks like the Shanahan/Allen era has started off the way most fans wanted, without splashy free agent spending for a player that doesn't play 100% all the time and would have to learn a position he's never played before (3-4 OLB).

The Bears on the other hand look like they are becoming the Redskins. With the major trade for Jay Cutler and now the signing of Peppers make the Bears look desperate to do something and again much like the current and older Redskins/Snyder teams, the Bears aren't addressing the issue that could be hurting them the most (O-line).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pro Day Dates and Poll Updates

Pro Day Updates
I finally found the days that each school will have their Pro Days. Take note in the highlighted schools as they may (or may not) be important to the Redskins. Also, note that Sam Bradford is not going to be participating at the Oklahoma pro day, but will have his own workout on March 26th at Oklahoma.Same goes for Jimmy Clausen who will have his pro day on April 9th.

2010 Pro Day schedule
Wednesday, March 3 -- Buffalo, Florida International, Lindenwood
Thursday, March 4 -- Ball State, Baylor, Eastern Illinois, Florida Atlantic, Kansas State, Missouri, Syracuse, Western Kentucky, Wyoming
Friday, March 5 -- San Diego, South Florida
Monday, March 8 -- Alabama A & M, Central Washington, Northern Colorado, Troy, Utah, Alabama A & M
Tuesday, March 9 -- Auburn, Arkansas-P.B., Central Arkansas, Central Oklahoma, Howard, Indiana, Indiana-PA, North Dakota State, N.W. Missouri, Oklahoma, Tuskegee, Virginia Military, Western Michigan
Wednesday, March 10 -- Alabama, Brown, California, California-Davis, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oklahoma State, Rutgers, Texas A&M, Washington
Thursday, March 11 -- Alabama-Birmingham, Boston College, Furman, Idaho, Kent State, Nebraska, Ohio, Oregon, Stephen F. Austin, Texas-El Paso
Friday, March 12 -- Arizona, Eastern Washington, Jacksonville State, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon State, Purdue, Texas Christian, Urbana
Saturday, March 13 -- San Diego State
Monday, March 15 -- Air Force, Albany State, Clark, Eastern Michigan, Georgia Tech, Montana
Tuesday, March 16 -- Bowling Green, Delaware, Eastern Kentucky, Georgia, Morgan State, Norfolk State, Pittsburgh, Toledo
Wednesday, March 17 -- Arkansas State, Arkansas Tech, Carson-Newman, Florida, Fresno, Hampton, Illinois, Louisiana Tech, Marshall, Michigan State, Penn State, Tennessee, William & Mary
Thursday, March 18 -- Florida A & M, McNeese State, Middle Tennessee State, Nicholls State, Richmond, Temple, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia
Friday, March 19 -- James Madison, Minnesota, Missouri State, North Carolina Central, N.W. Louisiana, Northwestern State, Tennessee Tech, Tulane, Vanderbilt
Monday, March 22 -- Brigham Young, Iowa, North Carolina A&T
Tuesday, March 23 -- Iowa State, North Carolina, Notre Dame, South Dakota State, Western Illinois
Wednesday, March 24 -- Central Michigan, Connecticut, Jackson State, Nevada, North Carolina State, North Texas State
Thursday, March 25 -- Akron, Catawba, Central Florida, East Carolina, Massachusetts, Murray State, Northern Arizona
Friday, March 26 -- Arizona State, Boise State, Delta State, Miami (Fla.), Northern Illinois, Tennessee-Martin, Wake Forest, Wilfrid Laurier, Sam Bradford
Monday, March 29 -- Newberry, Texas-Kingville
Tuesday, March 30 -- Coastal Carolina, Houston, Texas Southern (at Houston), Texas State, UCLA
Wednesday, March 31 -- Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Carolina State, Southern California, Texas
Thursday, April 1 -- Hawaii
 Friday, April 9 -- Jimmy Clausen

At some point the Redskins will host a pro day of their own for players that live in near the Skins and/or attend the local schools like Maryland, Virginia and Virginia Tech.

Poll Updates
11 Season ticket holders responded to the IIWII poll and 63% of those who answered plan on coming back for another year at FedEx. Hopefully the product on the field will be better and the same goes for the scenery as we're getting the bigger jumbotrons. Now if we could just keep the Cowboy posers fans*, Eagle thugs fans**, Giant fans, the drunks and people who like to be total a-holes out then life will be perfect.

* Until this past year's game, I've never had a problem with a Cowboys fan. Normally, there's some trash talk some "How 'bout them Cowboys" chants and that's about it. This past game SHD and I had to deal with some real pieces of ****, so I really hope they enjoyed losing to the Favre's.
** I never had a problem with an Eagle fan at FedEx. But you Eagle fans know your reputations......individually you're fine, as a group not so much.

New polls coming up about the season and what player you'd like to see at #4 and other stuff.

As Free Agency Beckons, Will The Redskins Be Smart Or Stupid (Again)?

This is the time where current Redskin fans have been extremely happy over the years because it's the one time where the Skins take center stage and actually win something.  Sad isn't it?

(the unofficial T-shirt/Motto of the Washington Redskins during Snyder's ownership)

Well, here it comes again as we head closer to free agency and the "rumors" by those pesky "sources" start to show and the Redskins are linked to every player whether it's true or not. For me, from now on I'm going to go more by John Keim's reports over at the Washington Examiner. He called the move for Haynesworth weeks (month?) in advance long before free agency started. But I'm also keeping an eye on what ESPN's Adam Schefter is saying. As many of you know, Schefter has close ties to Mike Shanahan and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Schefter is either leaked some info or provides a few smokescreens for Shanahan during the whole free agency/pre-draft period.

So who are the players that the Skins have been linked to going after or rumored to be going after?