Sunday, March 14, 2010

Draft Trade Scenario Few are Thinking About........

With rumors floating that Sam Bradford will go #1 and Russel Okung could go #2, here is a scenario I would like the Redskins to think about.

There are rumors that the Skins will go QB at #4 and that QB would obviously be Clausen with Bradford gone. If the Skins do this, they still need a LT and by the time the Skins get to #37, most of the top picks (Okung, Bulaga, Davis) will be gone. There's Bruce Campbell, but he's a boom or bust guy (and will probably be taken by the Raiders at #8 anyway). Vladimir Ducasse played well in the Senior Bowl but many think he's better as a guard. Brown is very raw and Roger Saffold also would have to be developed.

There's another option: Trade #37 to the Ravens for Jared Gaither. The Ravens could use more picks after trading their 3rd and 4th rounders to the Cardinals for Anquan Boldin and the Ravens have a LT in waiting in Michael Oher.
Despite the injuries last year, Gaither is a proven LT and a better option at #37 than most of the rookies that will be there and since the Skins have spent little this offseason, Gaither could be given that money that the Skins in the past would have thrown at Dansby, Rolle or Peppers.

Of course if Okung falls to the Redskins at #4 we shouldn't have to worry about this scenario hopefully.

Thanks to Dave-O over at Staying Medium for suggesting the Skins going after Gaither in this post.

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