Sunday, March 21, 2010

If LT Barry Sims Signs With the Redskins What Does It Mean?

There has been some speculation on what the Redskins will do if they sign unrestricted free agent Barry Sims (Ed Note: As of this posting Sims has left DC to go back home and think about whether to sign with the Skins or possibly return to the 49ers). in the draft. Some have thought that this means that it would be a lock that the Skins will now take a QB with the #4 pick.

To me, it means little to nothing.

First, lets look at the O-line situation, with focus on the OT position shall we?
Can you name our starting tackles as of now?
Ok, you may have said Stephon Heyer. And that would make sense since he was the starting RT last season, but is it a guarantee that Heyer will be the starting RT this season? I didn't think so.
Excluding Heyer, let's look at the remaining tackles on the team: (Note: Mike Williams won't be included here, nor Artis Hicks I've got them both as guards right now and at this point in their careers, I think it would be a major problem if either played the LT position).
Clint Oldenburg
William Robinson

That's it. Not much depth there as we head towards the draft. If Sims was signed to be the starter, who would back him up? Would you as a Skins fan feel good about one of these very young and inexperienced players having to block Ware or Cole in a game? Me neither.

Now, let's look at Sims. In December, he'll be 36 years old. Also, he's been playing more as a backup OT/OG than a starter. In his past two years, he's been active for 30 games for the 49ers but only has started in 15 of those games. To me, he looks like a very valuable back up/depth player who can mentor the younger tackles on the team and occasionally start.

Now does this mean that the Skins will draft a LT with the #4 pick? Nope. I have no clue what Shanahan/Allen plan to do. I do know that if this was the Vinny/Snyder team, they would have scooped up Jimmy Clausen without a second thought.

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