Monday, March 15, 2010

Like the New Look? New Polls, Slightly New Name.....We Want Followers Damn It!!!!!

So last night, I got bored and started to play around with the blog's template. I wanted the text to stretch more and to take up more room like some of the other Blogger blogs that I read. I found this one and after bringing back the color schemes that make up IIWII, well you have what you're currently reading.

Hope you like it.

There's also been a slight name change. It's pretty obvious by now if you 're an IIWII reader that this is primarily a Redskins blog dedicated to the franchise, players, coaches, fans and everything in between that make up the Washington Redskins. When I originally started IIWII, I had a broad scope planned with the main focus still being on the Skins and football but with some time being spent on other things like comics, movies, tv and other stuff. The other stuff would have been discussed more during the off season, but there was only one problem:

Following football has become a 24/7/365 thing for me.

Of course, I'll still be writing about other stuff (SHD hopefully as well). I'm looking forward to Chris Nolan's Inception and the next Iron Man movie, but right now I'm in NFL Draft mode.

We're Looking For Followers
IIWII is is getting close to having 10,000 views/visits to the site. Now, granted I'm some of them b/c  everytime I pop on the blog for a post, to do a new poll, look for comments, etc. it counts as a visit. But I know people are out there reading IIWII, so jump on board and become a follower of the blog. So far we have three followers (thank you by the way) and we're hoping that we can get more. As a reward, I'm going to send a prize to one random follower: a mini-football helmet (the ones you get out of the vending machines at the supermarket for about 75 cents). Hey I have a budget of $0 so what do you expect?

Has anybody seen SHD?
SHD has been missing in action on the blog for awhile. He's been busy with the real world and stuff. I had to even tip him off about the Boldin trade (although he tipped me off on the Larry Johnson signing while I was working). For Shame.
So until SHD comes back and does another post, I'm replacing his Joker avatar with something he truly hates:
You can see this new avatar when you click on his profile.
See you soon Dan.

Like I've said, I'm all hyped up for the draft (only about a month away, yay!!!) and have added some new polls about the Redskins picks and watching the draft.

I hope you enjoy the new IIWII and we're going to keep improving it as time goes by. Thanks again for reading.


C-Money said...

I guess the new Shanahan regime has picked up your spirits; there was a time during the season when I thought you were going to give up writing about the Skins out of frustration with how they played.

I stumbled across your site about a year ago and have been fallowing it ever since. Good luck in finding new followers, if you keep writing they will come.

Quick comment on the draft polls: I think almost all Redskins fans are hoping for the opportunity to trade back to get more picks, why don’t you take that as a given and eliminate the options from the polls. Having that as an option doesn’t add much to the discussion of who to select if Okung is off the board.

Walking Deadman said...

Thanks for the comments and thanks for being a regular reader. One of the problems I have with IIWII is where to go sometimes in scope and direction b/c I'm not sure what the readers of the blog are looking for. The comments help.

Yeah, times were bad last year and it was getting to the point where I was concerned that nothing was going to change and we'd still be watching a unprofessional and poorly run franchise for years to come. It's hard to write good articles when all you're thinking is this "the ****ing Skins ****ing suck, what the **** was that!!!???".

The firing of Vinny Cerrato and hiring of Bruce Allen was a great start and then bringing in a legitimate coach in Shanahan was smart. I do like the direction that the team and the entire franchise is heading.

And I'll admit, the Skins would have had to gotten even worse before I took a real break from the team.

As for the polls, you make a good point and I'll drop the question on the polls where nobody has voted for the option. I did put it in there b/c I was expecting somebody to say "what about trading back?".

Thanks again.

Walking Deadman said...

Can't edit the polls b/c people have already voted.....

C-Money said...

The new regime definitely looks promising!

I’d like to get your thoughts on a scenario. The first three drafted are Bradford, Suh and McCoy. Let’s assume that Shanahan doesn’t like Clausen for some reason and decides to go with Okung for this year and grab a QB next year if Campbell isn't the answer. What do you think about them grabbing a FS like Nate Allen at #37 so Landry can move back to SS?

Why aren’t that taking a run at Atogwe so that they can move Landry to SS without using a draft pick?

Walking Deadman said...

It's a possibility and I wouldn't rule it out. Everybody is thinking offense b/c that appeared to be the weakness of the Skins in 2009 (and well before that) but the secondary has some serious issues.

At corner, beyond D. Hall the Skins have issues. Rogers has been benched twice in two seasons. While he plays the run well and is probably the better press corner on the team, he has hands of stone and bites hard on double moves. Kevin Barnes is a ? Justin Tryon is a nice nickle/dime back who's improved but lacks the height to be a #2 CB (he's no Darrell Green). Byron Westbrook will probably be cut and Doug Dutch is a developing player.

A very good corner could be had at #37, this isn't a bad class for CBs, just not elite ones.

As for again makes sense. While Landry has the speed to stretch the field and play as a centerfield FS, he lacks the instincts and skill set to play that role. He can't cover players vertically, struggles on double moves and seems out of position when playing back.

He's no Sean Taylor. But he is a disruptor in the backfield and like you've suggested would be better as a SS.

My hope is that if FS was the goal for the Skins, maybe they could trade back to the middle of round 2, pick up another third or 4th along the way and then gun for a FS.

With #37 being so high (and the lack pick in the 1st 3 rounds), I would hope the Skins would address another need if they stayed there (ie. QB of the future, OL or CB) but that's my bias on the position not the need of the team or a slight to a player like Allen.

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