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NFL Free Agency Round Up

Here's a nice spreadsheet with rankings by for free agents. It also lists where they were in 2009 and where they went in 2010. You can click the link below.
2010 Free Agency Tracker

There haven't been that many moves with this UFA class being rather poor, but there have been a few notable trades and some surprise signings. Who would have thought that the Bears would be this season's "offseason champs" with the Lions right behind them.

Right now, if I were a Bears fan I'd be worried. Sure, Peppers is a great player. But at his age and with concerns about taking plays off, is he the guy to make the Bears team great? Trust me, I've had the same worries about Haynesworth coming to DC last year and while he had a good season and helped Brian Orakpo and Andre Carter get 11 sacks a piece, the Skins still had no offense and went 4-12. What are some of the biggest concerns for the Bears right now? O-line and WR. Was any of those needs addressed? No.
You guys sure Vinny Cerrato isn't your GM?

Chester Taylor is a nice pickup, because your gain is a significant loss to the Vikings. However, don't expect Taylor to be anymore than a very good #2 back. He was a #2 back in Baltimore and he was a #2 back in Minnesota. To expect him to take every snap out of the backfield is a failed expectation. I could be wrong and he could be the next Michael Turner, but I don't see it.

The Lions made some interesting moves by signing Nate Burleson and Kyle VandenBosh. VandenBosh excelled when he had a guy like Haynesworth taking on double teams and it makes me think that it's still more than likely that the Lions will either take McCoy or Suh at #2 in the draft. If they don't expect VandenBosh to be average at best like he was last year in Tennessee.

The Jets may have created the strongest secondary tandem in the league by trading a 2011 third rounder (which could increase to a 2nd rounder) to the Chargers for Antonio Cromartie. Cromartie has been somewhat disappointing to the Chargers with off the field problems and subpar seasons. However, the Jets wanted a better playmaker at their #2 corner position. The hope is that teams will avoid throwing at Darrelle Revis which will give Cromartie opportunities for interceptions.

The Cardinals have been decimated this offseason. With Kurt Warner retiring, that left a huge question mark at the QB position. Then, the Cards. lose Antrel Rolle and Karlos Dansby to the Giants and Dolphins. Now the Cards. have decided to trade somewhat disgruntled WR Anquan Boldin and a 5th round pick to the Ravens for their 3rd and 4th round picks. It looks like a possible rebuilding year for the Cardinals, but since the play in the NFCW they still have a good chance of winning the division.

As for the Ravens, this was a much needed move. WR has been a position of need for the past few seasons with only the highly aged and occasionally injured Derrick Mason as the only target for Joe Flacco that wasn't named Ray Rice. You know there are serious problems when your running back leads the team in receptions. This and signing Donte' Stallworth should help the Raven's WR corp. Also, SHD has told me that's it's more than likely that the Ravens will draft a TE with their first round pick with Todd Heap getting older and LJ Smith gone. Let's just look at the trade for a second, shall we? What a move by GM Ozzie Newsome. Remember the bar was sort of set by the Cowboys when they traded a 1st, 3rd and 6th for Roy Williams and a 7th round pick. A few years before that, my Redskins in a mentally challenged move traded a 3rd and a 4th round pick for Brandon Lloyd. I think it's a fair statement to say that Boldin is a much better WR than those two. Yes, he'll be 30 in October and he's had some injury concerns but overall I still think the Ravens got a steal here.

So what has been some of the key FA moves for you?
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