Thursday, March 25, 2010

OOPS! Ben did it again? More...

We'll get to Ben in a minute, but first SHD has some stuff to get out the way...

SHD's return

SHD wishes to apologize to the readers, followers and most of all to WDM of IIWII for his lengthy absent.

I'm blessed that in my job profession I'm still working in this train wreck of an economy. I'm even more blessed that we're over loaded with work at press time. On top of working 60 plus hours of week I'm going to school at night to better myself and hopefully get a better job in the future. On top of all that, I'm taking care of my beautiful almost 5 month old baby baby while my fiancee' works at night. Living on 3-4 hours of sleep a night can get a little rough.

It has slowed a little but I'm trying to live up to my commitment to be a part of this awesome blog even if it means making some sacrifices. Thanks for your patience WDM. Ok, lets make fun of Ben now...

Ben, Ben, Ben...

Ben Rothlisberger has been accused once again this time in Georgia a couple weeks back. This is the second accusation, the first one took place in Las Vegas. That case isn't a criminal matter now, just a civil case where both these dumb-bells are suing each other.

SHD's Take:
As a Ravens fan, I'm loving this total disaster that's going on in Pitts-puke. You know darn well after the first incident, Art McRooney sat his sorry ass down and pleaded with this guy. Probably something like:

Ben, hi this is Art in case you couldn't tell. Look this Las Vegas situation is really serious. Its bad enough that you made yourself look really stupid with that motorcycle accident a couple years back, but now you've given this franchise a serious black eye. You gotta be smarter than that.

Ben, its still Art, I haven't gone anywhere. I'm still sitting in front of you. Look Ben, Dr. Foreman and Steel City surgical team can only do so much to help cure this situation. Stop being a dumb-ass and go play football...

Unless there is some really incriminating evidence that proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ben did wrong here, its gonna be swept under the rug and Ben will be back throwing balls and getting sacked by the Ravens.

Ben probably won't get a criminal charge but it's possible there is a pending suspension from the league. But no matter what happens, Ben has forever tarnished his legacy and for that we (Ravens fans) thank you.  Thanks Ben.



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