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Redskins News and Notes 3/21/2010: Is Kiper Right Again?

Before I get to the main Redskins news, I was looking through my archives for some stuff and came along this little tidbit that I wrote about in early 2009:
Could the Redskins land a GM?
Pro Football Talk is reporting that there is a rumor at the Senior Bowl going around that former Bucs GM Bruce Allen may be joining the Redskins in some capacity.
Technically the Redskins don't have a GM and all GM duties are currently handled by Executive VP of Football Operations Vinny Cerrato (our officially unofficial GM). 

Hmmm.....very interesting.

Kiper Says QB
Last year Mel Kiper Jr. and his hair predicted in his first mock draft that the Redskins would take Brian Orakpo with the 13th pick (in his 1st mock draft) and as you know he nailed it. This year Kiper has been unyielding in his opinion that the Redskins will take a QB at #4. First it was Sam Bradford and now it's Jimmy Clausen. Now maybe he knows something that I don't. I mean he does have inside info. and works at the "worldwide leader" but everytime I see Mel Kiper, I think of The Count from Sesame Street.

(Separated at birth? Either way their hair is perfect!)

Got to love Kiper though, he's one of the people responsible for making the draft what it is today: Tons of anticipation and expectations that usually lead to shock and disappointment. But that's the draft, a time when all of your football dreams could come true but usually don't. Many of the draftniks are leaning towards the Skins taking Clausen including Scott Wright of NFL Draft Countdown and Matt McGuire of McGuire has even gone as far to write an article called  Five Reasons Why the Skins Won't Pass on Jimmy Clausen. Me, I'm not sold yet.

Then, The OM Field did a breakdown on Clausen known as The Jimmy Clausen Files (Ed. Note: He's doing this breakdown on most of the candidates for the #4 pick and has already done a breakdown on Sam Bradford). It's a good read and after you read it, you might think it's not a bad move if the Skins went this way. There's just one problem..........

The Skins currently have no one at tackle to block for him.

If you've been reading IIWII or read any of my comments on BGO, then you probably have an idea where I stand on the #4 pick. I'm pretty adamant that the Skins should take Russell Okung at #4 (if he's there, many think that the Lions may go after Okung over Suh- which IMO is crazy) and try to rebuild this O-line. Matter of fact, I've been demanding that the Skins address the O-line for the past two seasons (2008 I wanted us to take Branden Albert if he was there and in 2009 Michael Oher) and I'm hoping that they will this year. At least Kiper's draft partner in crime Todd McShay agrees with me and thinks Okung is the guy. Matter of fact, he doesn't even consider Clausen a top ten pick.

Speaking of Quarterbacks......
 (You knew that the Redskins weren't getting out of this draft without a discussion on Tebow)

The Skins sent a group (including Mike Shanahan, Bruce Allen and Scott Campbell) of personnel to Gainesville, Fl on Saturday to meet with the one and only Tim Tebow. Since Shanahan was unable to attend Tebow's pro day this past week, the Skins are meeting with him for a private workout to determine if he's worth taking probably at the #37 pick. The word from Tebow's pro day is that he looked amazing to pretty decent (depending on who you read or watch on TV) with his new throwing motion and improved footwork. He could be a potential pick for the Skins, although I think #37 is too high for Tebow even though I like him and think in 2-3 years he could be the best QB that comes out of this class......yes, I'm being serious. The Skins also have plans to work out Sam Bradford per the Post. No word yet on whether Jimmy Clausen or Colt McCoy will have private workouts with the Skins, but that doesn't matter. Jay Cutler had very little contact with Shanahan and the Denver Broncos prior to being drafted by them.
Also no word on any other players coming in for a visit as well........

Proof That the Redskins Have Changed: Joey Porter
In previous years, the Redskins would have brought in a guy like Joey Porter (a guy who's past his prime, may not be well liked by his former team, but used to or recently have had good production) wined and dined him and signed him to a contract. That contract would have been for 5 years with a good chunk guaranteed money thrown in the deal. Instead, in 2010 Porter left Ashburn without a contract and eventually signed with Arizona for 17.5 million over three years (with a possibility of the contract reaching a maximum of 24.5 million). I figured the Skins might have gotten him for about 3.5 to maybe 4 million a year for a 1-2 year deal. It's amazing what difference a year makes.....the Redskins in the past would overpay for players (usually bidding against themselves) and now it's the other teams that are overpaying. Arizona is one example. The Packers are another in increasing Chad Clifton's paycheck by about two million a year.

Free Agents
Last time I did a Redskins News and Notes, there had only been 1 FA pickup: Artis Hicks.  Since then, the Skins have signed a few more players, let's take a brief look at them:

Maake Kemoeatu, NT/DT: This is the ultimate low risk/ high reward move by the Redskins. Kemoeatu is still recovering from an achilles tendon injury and may not be ready until training camp. That said, if he is healthy he could be a real monster at the NT position. This also allows Albert Haynesworth to play as a 3-4 DE and try to be more of a destructive force. His $7 million contract over 2 years is pretty cheap for a nose tackle.

Sean Ryan, TE: Not much to say about him really. He's a blocking TE and will fight for a roster spot to be the #3 TE on the roster. This is his sixth NFL team. What this move means is that it's unlikely that we'll see Todd Yoder in a Redskins uniform again.

Rex Grossman, QB: He knows the Shanahan system based on his time last year with Kyle Shanahan. He's been to a Super Bowl with the Bears. Yet, he has a horrible QB rating and is a interception machine. While his arm may be an upgrade to Todd Collins' arm, let's hope Jason Campbell stays healthy most of the 2010 campaign.

Larry Johnson, RB:  This was a weird pickup for me. Johnson has huge off field character concerns and isn't that much of a different change of pace back than Clinton Portis. If anything, Johnson being here is an insurance policy for the Skins. If Portis is out of shape or pulling a drama queen stunt, they have somebody who can very easily replace him now.

Where Are They Now?
-Quinton Ganther is a Seahawk
-Marcus Mason is a Charger
-Antwaan Randle-El is a Steeler (again)

Final Thoughts
- The Skins will be having a Draft Day Party after all. Will take place on Saturday the 24th and not only will Mike Shanahan address the fans (4:00PM) but whomever the Skins draft in the 1st round is scheduled to be there as well. More details on the draft day party can be found here. IIWII will be covering this, I personally want to get a look at the new jumbotrons and would like to walk on the field.
- Tomorrow, the NFL will release some of the schedule for the 2010 season. Thanksgiving games and the season openers mostly. The rest of the schedule will be released in April (I'm guessing the week before the draft)
.- Also per Adam Schefter, the NFL will announce the compensatory draft picks sometime this week. Don't get your hopes up Skin fans, I don't expect us to get any this year. But it will be a good indication of how long the draft will be and who will jump ahead of us in the 4th, 5th and 7th rounds.
- We should know whether LT Barry Sims will be joining the Skins sometime this week. My guess is no later than Tuesday. Sims could be valuable depth at the LT position although I don't think he would will the starting LT.
-A new episode of Skinscast is up. Always a enjoyable podcast to listen to. Spoiler Alert: There is a suggestion that if Shanahan fails that our pal Vinny may be back in the Redskins organization. So I guess I better keep my Vinny images ready to be used at any moment.
(I'm Baaaaaaacccccck!!!!!!!!!)

and of course this would be my reply:


C-Money said...

How do you feel about Sims as the starting RT for this year?

Walking Deadman said...

He has experience at the position and would probably be an upgrade in pass blocking to Heyer. Trust me, I was a big fan of Heyer and thought at one point he'd be the team's future LT.....right now he'll be fighting for a job.

If Sims was the starting RT, it means that we'll need to draft one in 2011 b/c at best Sims is a 1-2 year starter with the emphasis on 1 year.

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