Friday, March 5, 2010

So Much For Free Agency (So Far).....

At this point, there has been no major free agent signings by the Washington Redskins.
Matter of fact, I'm not even sure that the Skins have even talked to Julius Peppers' agent.

To me, that's a good thing.

So far, the only scheduled visit is for former Packers LT Chad Clifton to visit Redskins park. Frankly, I hope this doesn't cause the Skins to skip selecting a OT at #4 if/when they sign Clifton.

It looks like the Shanahan/Allen era has started off the way most fans wanted, without splashy free agent spending for a player that doesn't play 100% all the time and would have to learn a position he's never played before (3-4 OLB).

The Bears on the other hand look like they are becoming the Redskins. With the major trade for Jay Cutler and now the signing of Peppers make the Bears look desperate to do something and again much like the current and older Redskins/Snyder teams, the Bears aren't addressing the issue that could be hurting them the most (O-line).

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jason heyward said...

The Bears signing of Peppers and Taylor makes them the 3rd best team in their division...they were the 3rd best prior to the signing. They really need a wide receiver, and that still hasnt been addressed.

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