Monday, March 29, 2010

You Read the Rumor Here First (Probably):

Here's an article today from PFT about Jared Gaither and possibly being available for less than a 1st round pick:

In it, there is mention from NFL Network's (and former Washington Post Redskins Insider) Jason LaCanfora mentioning that there is interest in possibly getting Gaither for a second round pick. This is what he had to say about it from the blog:

Multiple sources have said Ravens LT Jared Gaither is drawing interest and a second-round pick could get the trade conversation started. Gaither, a restricted free agent, was tendered with a first-round pick by the Ravens. Watch the Redskins, La Canfora says, especially if they pass on an offensive tackle with the No. 4 overall pick.

I wanted to emphasize this because if you've been reading IIWII, you would have read about this hypothetical scenario TWO WEEKS AGO:

There are rumors that the Skins will go QB at #4 and that QB would obviously be Clausen with Bradford gone. If the Skins do this, they still need a LT and by the time the Skins get to #37, most of the top picks (Okung, Bulaga, Davis) will be gone. There's Bruce Campbell, but he's a boom or bust guy (and will probably be taken by the Raiders at #8 anyway). Vladimir Ducasse played well in the Senior Bowl but many think he's better as a guard. Brown is very raw and Roger Saffold also would have to be developed.

There's another option: Trade #37 to the Ravens for Jared Gaither. The Ravens could use more picks after trading their 3rd and 4th rounders to the Cardinals for Anquan Boldin and the Ravens have a LT in waiting in Michael Oher.

Despite the injuries last year, Gaither is a proven LT and a better option at #37 than most of the rookies that will be there and since the Skins have spent little this offseason, Gaither could be given that money that the Skins in the past would have thrown at Dansby, Rolle or Peppers.

So while this is a blog by Redskins fans (well a Redskin fan and a semi Redskin/Ravens fan) and while we try to have alot of fun over here and do the frequent occasional link dump you might every once in awhile find a useful nugget of information.

So keep reading, you never know what you'll find at IIWII.

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