Monday, April 26, 2010

Draft Day Party Recap

(taken from club level- Photos by Mrs. WD)

So yesterday I decided to make my way up to FedEx with the Mrs. to attend the annual Draft Day Party. This was my first ever DDP so I didn't know what exactly to expect. We first went to the Redskins store and bought some stuff. I got a Colt Brennan jersey for $11. This may or may not be my new McNabb jersey with some duct tape and a sharpie. I also bought some of the old Jumbotron for $5.00 a piece (see pictures below). As much as I've made fun of the Lite Brite over the last few years, I figured I might as own part of it. For 5 bucks, I really couldn't pass it up. Plus, the money is going to charity so it's a win-win.

(Bad photography by my cell phone)
(even the Redskins called the Jumbotron The "Lite Brite")

The worst part of the trip was waiting in lines. But after about an hour of walking through the labyrinth that was the Hall of Fame Store, we went up to the club level to see if we could meet some players.

Dear Vinny, Stay off my Radio!

 (Red Bull and Vinny don't mix)

To make my 60 minute commute to and from work a little less draining, I usually listen to 105.7 fm "the fan" for my entertainment. For those that haven't listened to it, its basically a Baltimore/D.C. sports station (but they focus on Baltimore for the most part.)

I've really come to enjoy the Scott Garceau show in the afternoon while driving home after a long, hard days work. But lately his choice of guest is kinda irritating me. Within a weeks time Mr. Garceau has asked Vinny Cerrato to commentate his opinions about 2010 NFL Draft twice.

Now WDM has had many entries on this guy and I'll just say that the lack of love for Vinny is more than justified. The first time I was listening to him was before the draft. While I'll admit I didn't get the radio station in clear enough to make a complete judgement, I heard enough to know that I didn't like him. Today at approximately 2:45 pm, 105.7 fm was very clear and Vinny was again a guest on the Scott Garceau show and all my thoughts on this joker were confirmed.

Vinny Cerrato, in my opinion, is a arrogant, self-absorbed poser that reminds me of Brian Billick. Like Billick, Cerrato has ego problems that ultimately cost him his job as Redskins GM, but even worse put the skins in a set back that Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan are trying to remedy.

What Cerrato said about the Skins in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft: In a mocking voice, Cerrato said something like [the fans said we gotta get left tackle. But if you got one rated to go to the third round, it doesn't make sense to take at pick 13 where we had Orakpo.]

Hey Vinny, ask WDM (who probably does more research on the draft every year than most "experts") who was there at the 13th pick and rated higher than that according to his board. None other than Micheal Oher. You can't possibly tell us that he was rated in third round can you? If you did, you sir have no business telling anyone what they should do in the draft.

Don't get SHD wrong now. Brian Orakpo was an awesome pick. (I have trouble believing you had something to do with that) WDM was just as excited to get him as he would've Oher. But left tackle was a glaring need for the burgundy and gold at the time and Micheal was there. You let your ego get in the way of picking a position probably because it was a little more sexy. That's why you didn't have success in Washington. That's why you are really not liked by a hungry fan base.

Of course other idiocies were said but I felt I had to share my view on his left tackle comment.

So Mr. Cerrato please stop trying to sell what no one is buying and for Heaven's sake...Stay off my radio!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Whew!!!! So Much to Cover, So Little Time.............

Just got back from the Skins Draft Day Party. I have some cool pics to share and some minor stories that will be uploaded sometime tonight.

Skins made some serious moves while I was gone today and I'll be back later tonight with full analysis on the draft while keeping an eye on those undrafted players the Skins will be looking to sign (6-8 is my guess).

Keep checking back with IIWII as I get a chance to figure out what's going on. Also, my thoughts on the schedule and other players signed will be put off probably until sometime next week.

Finally, thoughts and prayers go out to fellow BGO/ES member Burgundy Burner and his family. On the way to the Draft Day Party he was involved in a car accident. My understanding is that he'll be ok but please keep him in your thoughts.

Friday, April 23, 2010

At #103 the Skins Have Many Options

 (Bruce Campbell {"Groovy"}could be one of them)

It's day three, so I doubt the Skins would be really in the mood to trade down for a few more extra 5th and 6th round picks. If they stay at #103 they have some good options to address needs. Here's a few:

OT-  I see right now 4 players the Skins could target to fit a need: Bruce Campbell, Selvish Capers, Jason Fox and Tony Washington

RB- Not my choice, but you know how Shanahan likes RBs: Joe McKnight, Jonathan Dwyer or Chris Brown could be options.

QB- Do we find a QB to develop? I don't think so here, but here's some guys I like: John Skelton, Jarrett Brown

OLB- A nice complement on the other side of Orakpo if Carter or Wilson isn't the guy: Eric Norwood, Brandon Lang are options.

I still would like the Skins to keep addressing the O-line.

(Speculation): If Haynesworth Not Traded By End of 2nd Round, Don't Expect Trade to Happen

This could all be rumor and BS since Mike Shanahan said Haynesworth isn't on the trading block. That said, there is still speculation that Haynesworth may be traded before the draft is over and the word on the street is that the Skins are looking for a 2nd round pick (or better) for the disgruntled DT.

The rumor of today is that the Saints have inquired about Haynesworth. But Jay Glazer disagrees.
Either way, barring a deal for players (which is possible), I don't see Haynesworth being traded if it hasn't been done by the end of the second round.

Yes, the Skins could use some draft picks, especially in a deep class of talent that does have some good O-linemen available. That said, Mike Shanahan isn't going to give up Haynesworth for nothing. The Skins have already spent $32 million on him for only 12 games of service. That's practically $2.7 million a game if he left today. That's right $2.7 million A GAME!!!!!!

So, the Skins will want some compensation. Maybe they'll get it, maybe they won't. I hope they do as I think we need to continue to build the O-line, need another ILB and some more depth at WR and CB (and S).

Round 1 is Over. Trent Williams is a Redskin

Cleaning up after my draft day party. I have a few things to say about the draft overall and I'll cover that later today.

But here's what you really need to know:
1. The Skins have completed rounds two and three for this years draft selecting Donovan McNabb and Jeremy Jarmon as their 2nd and 3rd round picks. Barring some trade, you might as well skip day two of the draft if you only care about what the Redskins are doing.

2. Jason Campbell, Rocky McIntosh and Albert Haynesworth are all still Redskins. Mike Shanahan has said that they aren't interested in trading Haynesworth (via Adam Schefter) and if this is the case, then you won't really care about day two since there are no more picks for the Skins to play with. If the Skins trade either McIntosh or Campbell, don't expect anything higher than 4th round picks for them.

3. The Skins have a new LT in Trent Williams. It wasn't my pick, but the pick makes sense. I liked Okung more as a pass blocker, but I fully understand why the Skins took Williams. He does fit Mike Shanahan's scheme perfectly. This draft is a win for us, the fans no matter whether it was Okung or Trent Williams. Many of us have been begging for a offensive lineman to be drafted for years now and with exception to Chad Rinhart in 2008 (3rd round) it's all been ignored by the FO. Mike Shanahan knows what's needed to win and frankly I trust his judgement on how to build a winning football team in this era more than Daniel Snyder, Vinny Cerrato, Joe Gibbs (now, not the Joe Gibbs of the 1980's and early 90's) and any other big named coach that has walked through the doors of Ashburn in the last 10 years or so.

Others have said it, but I'll agree that it's clear that the best move the Skins made this off-season was to bring in Mike Shanahan (and don't forget Bruce Allen at the end of the 2009 season). You don't know how good it feels to have competent professional football people running the show. It's still early and I still have skeptical concerns, but I think this Redskin team in 2010 will be much better than it's 2009 counterpart. And I believe that this team will eventually find a way to be a serious contender in the NFCE. Maybe not in 2010, but 2011 and 2012 (barring a strike/lock out) people will have to keep an eye on the Skins.

Sorry I couldn't do another Meaningless Mock for the first round. I got really behind in gearing up for our draft day party. The party was a success and we all had a great time and ate way too much food. More analysis and opinion coming on the Skins and the rest of the NFL and the draft.

Stay Tuned........

Monday, April 19, 2010

Redskins News and Notes 4/19/10

 This week mostly a quick recap of things and the ever popular link dump that many blogs like to do.

Skins on the practice field
Skins held their first mini-camp of the year (2 left: May 7-9 and June 16-18). It was closed to the media, but the Redskins Blog and John Pappas of Warpath Confidential did cover the camp. Lots of articles, pictures and audio from each. Worth checking out.

BGO/Warpath Confidential: Link to article (which has links to pictures and audio)
Warpath Confidential: Link to Pappas article/press conference with Clinton Portis

Redskins Blog: Matt Terl has about a ton of blog entries on the mini-camp (w/pictures). Check them out here, here, here, and an article about Laron Landry here.

I'd also recommend checking out the last few day over at Redskins Insider (Washington Post). Jason Reid has a great deal of coverage on the team.

Finally, DC SportsBog had a nice write up on the new rules that Mike Shanahan has for his players to follow.

Major Highlights:
- Lorenzo Alexander is now #97 (was #79). Colt Brennan is now #15
- All players participated except for Jason Campbell, Albert Haynesworth and Rocky McIntosh
- Clinton Portis looks like he's lost a few pounds. This will be interesting to watch this season.
-O-line starters as of today: Heyer (LT), Dockery (LG), Rabach (C), Mike Williams (RG), Hicks (RT)
- Kyle Shanahan believes that O-line could start and win today (me, I don't think so).
- 6 unsigned players participated in camp. Most notable Jerry Porter and Marques Hagans

Also rumors continue as we get closer to the draft (via PFT):
- Redskins still taking a QB at #4 (I call complete BS here).
- Portis, Johnson and Parker may be on the week 1 roster after all.
-Mike Shanahan says that there has been no trade talks on players outside of allowing Jason Campbell to talk to other teams for a possible trade.

- Skins sign former Buc Greg Peterson
-Sean Taylor's locker will be moved to the club level (so I don't get to see it anyway)

and I still have to get used to this:
(photo by Matt Terl)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are the Jets annoying anyone else?

As I prepare myself for another day of work, the radio interrupts my drive telling me...

I take lunch at exactly 12:00 everyday and the people are talking about...

When I try to relax at home after I just fed my son, Sports Center just announced...

The Jets have just traded for Santonio Holmes. Rex Ryan just challenged Channing Crowder to a break dancing contest. The Jets like their shade of green.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against the Jets. I actually kinda like them and Rex Ryan too, but does everything they do have to be a press release? This bugs SHD a little.

I also admire that they are willing to sacrifice draft picks to try to win now. They had a solid team last year and went deep into the playoffs. All the wheeling and dealing they're doing shows that they are convinced that they're just a couple of players away from being Super Bowl contenders.

Yes, SHD is aware that its the off season. Yes, SHD knows that football news is almost non-existent right now (besides the draft), but I'm pretty sure other teams are doing stuff too. What if I wanna know how many Browns fans are choosing another team to root for because they're fed up with how things are going?

I guess its not completely the Jets fault for annoying me. The major media outlets are gonna share this blame too.

For God's sake, a little variety please?

Site News for the Week (Draft Week)

This upcoming week is going to be pretty hectic for yours truly, so I won't have that much opportunity to be posting that much on here. However, here's the breakdown on what I would like to do this week (time permitting).

- Tonight and tomorrow: Meaningless Mock Draft 4.0. The Mock before the final mock, not a great deal of changes, but a few are coming. Hopefully a Redskins News and Notes.......plenty of things to write about in Ashburn and lots of links.

- Tues/Wed: Don't expect much from me. Barring a major trade or something big, I'll be busy working and doing other stuff.

-Thursday: Meaningless Mock Draft 5.0 (final), maybe a round 1 recap.

- Friday: Round 2/3 recap

- Saturday/Sun,: Round 4-7 recap. Coverage on the Redskins Draft Day Party

- Mon/Tuesday: Redskins News and Notes and UDFA coverage

After that, I might take a few days off from the blog.........

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Schedule Release Announcement

PFT just mentioned it, but I'm watching NFL Network and they are saying it as well.
The NFL will release the 2010 schedule on April 20th at 7PM on both NFL Network and My guess is that ESPN will also have a schedule show, but I'm not sure if they'll be doing it at the same time.

Set your Tivos/DVRs accordingly.

Another Pre-Draft Poll....who do you want at tackle?

Ok, so after the McNabb trade it's pretty clear cut that the top priority of the Skins is offensive tackle. Problem is that we only have #4 and then we don't pick again until the 4th round. So what do we do?
Eat Sleep Redskins posed that question on whether the Skins would be better off trading down at four or staying pat. Sean of ESR and myself have been discussing the topic over there. So here's the questions I pose to you the IIWII reader:

Do the Skins take Okung (or Williams if he's not there) at #4?
Do the Skins trade back a few spots and try to snag either Williams, Bulaga or Davis?
Do the Skins trade back to the middle of round 1 and take a Charles Brown or Roger Saffold and use the new picks to try and draft other starting needs (RT, S, LB, DE)?

I personally think that you stay put and take the best tackle available with Okung, but if he's gone before we can take him at #4 then maybe trading down wouldn't be a bad idea, especially if you could get a 2nd rounder and maybe another early 4th or late 3rd round pick in the process.

What do you think? Poll will be up soon. Or leave a comment below.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

McNabb on PTI

I was surprised I actually could embed this.......enjoy.
 (Ed. Note- the load time for these videos seem to take a few minutes, be patient the videos are working)

More Redskins News and Notes 4/13/10

Jeeze....didn't I just do this?
Well there's more Redskins stuff to write about and this time they would be nearly as long as the last RN&Ns when I wrote that book about where I thought Haynesworth would go.

Buy your McNabb jerseys now before it's too late!! For some reason I don't get as many emails as some of you out there receive from the Skins. But, I know the Mrs. and other bloggers like Dave-O at Staying Medium did get the email to get their McNabb jersey.

I think I'll pass for now. If I've learned anything about free agents and the Redskins is that they don't stay very long. Seriously, right now there is a third world country that is being clothed in Jason Taylor jerseys (it looks like you're at FedEx there). And I have a feeling that in a few months we will be seeing another place in Haynesworth jerseys. Here's the deal, I'll buy a McNabb jersey when the Redskins win the NFCE. When that happens I will gladly pick one up and show my happiness for McNabb being a Skin. Until then he'll just have to settle for me screaming Hail to the Redskins at the top of my lungs at FedEx each and everytime he throws a TD.

If you really want a McNabb jersey and don't want to spend $72 for one here's some suggestions to make your own McNabb jersey.
1. Take your current Colt Brennan jersey. Add duct tape to the name plate. Write "McNabb" with a Sharpie and viola! You have a new McNabb jersey. If you still have a Shuler jersey (you like abuse don't you?) you can do the same procedure.
2. You can do the same thing to your Todd Collins #15 jersey. Just add a strip of white or burgundy over the #1.
3. I guess you could spray paint over an Eagles jersey, but I wouldn't suggest it.

By the can now get your Cornelius Griffin, Fred Smoot, Ladell Betts and Antwaan Randle-El jerseys for the price of $9.99 over at the Redskins store. Ironically, you can still get Jason Taylor and Marcus Washington jerseys for $27.99. That makes no sense.

What is this a uniform/jersey post? Not completely, but I thought I would mention this. Last week NFL Network played the Redskins first Super Bowl appearance (vs. Miami) and it gave me a whole game to watch a George Allen Redskins team play. I've never gotten to see any of these Redskin legends play in a real game, so it was fun to watch. What I thought looked pretty cool was the uniforms. I wonder if it would be possible for the Skins to go back to the Burgundy and Gold unis. for home games and then wear the White jerseys and Burgundy pants for away games.

(Away or early in the season when it's still hot)

Just a thought. What do you think about that idea?

Skins sign another NT, what does it mean?
The Skins announced the signing of Anthony Bryant who was a 6th round pick in 2005. He's a journeyman player and more or less looks like at best he'll be a backup. Does it mean anything about the move to trade Albert Haynesworth? I don't think so. I just think the Skins are looking to add depth and/or competition to the roster.
So far, I haven't heard any more on the Haynesworth trade front.
Redskins sign Bryant to bulk up D-line (
NFL statistics (

Carter in, Campbell/Haynesworth out (minicamp). The word is that Jason Campbell and Albert Haynesworth will not be attending the voluntary mini-camp that starts Friday at Redskins park. However, Andre Carter who's been discussed as a trade possibility and hasn't been at the park (he's rehabbing a torn bicep) appears that he'll be at the mini-camp according to The Post.

Russell Okung interview. Okung has had a few interviews with The Post and NFL Draft Countdown. Click the links to read more.

Vinny Cerrato joins ESPN Radio's draft coverage. It didn't take long for Vinny to find another job. He'll be working on ESPN Radio during the draft providing valuable analysis. Just in case you've never seen Vinny on TV or heard him on radio you're in for a treat (watch the You Tube video below).

What is up with Doc Walker's hair? Nice to see a young Chris Samuels in this video, too bad this was the beginning of the end for the Redskins for about a decade.

and I'll leave this post with another famous Vinny moment, a clip from his movie Kindergarten Ninja:

I can't believe he wasn't nominated for an Oscar.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Redskins News and Notes 4/12/10

Hey, Hey, Hey I'm Getting Traded???

(Don't worry folks, he'll be back in a few plays.....All is well.)
(Ed. Note: This is me looking at possible trade options, there is little to no actual proof that any of the below teams are interested or are making trades.....this is me looking at scenarios, not being a legitimate source).

The rumors started swirling around the Donovan McNabb trade that the Skins offered Albert Haynesworth to the Eagles in order to acquire McNabb. The Eagles said no and the Skins eventually traded the #37 pick and a conditional 4th (possibly 3rd) rounder in 2011. Now it seems that Haynesworth is available for the right price. The trick is reading exactly what Mike Shanahan says in this Fanhouse article:
"There is nothing to clarify. It is just speculation. He's part of the organization. I am just looking for him to come in and work and be like everyone else. No, we're not going to trade him at all, unless someone gives us something we would have to consider -- that's pretty standard with any player on your roster. He's a pretty smart guy. He's really talented. I think I can get that out of him.''
-Mike Shanahan, Shanahan Believes Redskins Made Great Grab in McNabb By: Thomas George

This basically says he's available for the right price. Now, some think he was a total bust last year and would love to see him gone based on his "injuries" on the field and that he was a disruption in the locker room. While I agree that his stats were below Albert Haynesworth's norm. However, name the last time that two players had double digit sacks on the team? Also, when DeAngelo Hall is getting jumped by Falcons (with exception to maybe Justin Tryon) it's Haynesworth that breaks it up by shoving a Falcon across the stadium,

Haynesworth was noticeably out of shape last year. So much so that even fellow players noticed that he wasn't in game shape. He also faced disciplinary action and was sent home from practice from the team last year. But the Redskins still owed Haynesworth a $21 million dollar bonus.
When Mike Shanahan came in he wanted to move the Redskins to a 3-4 defense with the hopes of generating more turnovers and was hoping that Haynesworth would be the anchor of that scheme as the team's nose tackle. Of course, Big Al doesn't want to be the nose (although he's said he'll do whatever the coaches want him to do).But the biggest problem is that Haynesworth is skipping out on all voluntary activity. To Shanahan, this is completely unacceptable.

When Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen joined the Redskins, they knew that there would have to be change in not just the coaches, scheme and players on the roster but also in the culture and philosophy of this franchise that has been poor for a long time. Shanahan is running the ship now, not Dan Snyder and he wants to change the Redskins from being ME oriented to TEAM oriented. That means problems are removed and players are expected to step up and participate with the team. Shanahan believes that through interaction in off season workouts that it build team chemistry and that will benefit the team when the season starts months from now. It seems that every player is on board, except Haynesworth and Shanahan is going to do what it takes to fix the problem.....even if it includes moving a player that just got $21 million from the team.

So the big questions (and the most fun part of this post) is who is interested and what would they give up for him. Let's take a look and do some speculation.

Not every team would want Haynesworth, but you have to think that there are a few 4-3 base teams that need a DT would like a player like Haynesworth (especially when he's motivated). I'm going to pick out a few teams, show their draft picks (through the 4th round) and see if it would be a decent fit. Remember, the Skins can't be paid any monies (ie. repayment of the $21 million bonus) by the trading team, however the Skins could be compensated by a higher or more picks. Also, Haynesworth current deal is very affordable (approx. 3 years/$16 million). I would assume that the going price would be a high second round pick with possibly a conditional pick in 2011. There is no particular rank in preference, I just ranked these teams by draft order.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Thoughts on Donovan McNabb After I've Had A Day to Think About It.

 RT @flymattyfly: McNabb deserves a shot at a super bowl. In Philly, after all he's done. ... Agreed. He does - but it won't come in Philly.
-Adam Schefter via Twitter 

This move is probably now the all time Redskins trade I can remember in my years as a Redskins fan. Forget Jay Schroeder for Jim Lachey or Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis (and the infamous 2nd round pick.....You fleeced us quite well Coach Shanahan!!!!!). Nope this is the one. I have to say that it was hard to hear McNabb was coming here after spending most of his career picking his game apart and hoping that he and the Eagles would lose. It was a bold move by both sides. For the Eagles to give up a pro bowl caliber QB who still has the skills to win in the NFL to a fellow NFCE rival for a 2nd rounder in 2010 and a 4th/3rd rounder (let's face it, that's what it pans out to be in the trade) in 2011 to start a backup with only 2 starts under his belt. For the Redskins it's a Superbowl or bust move. The Skins again forfeit the future (by giving two decent picks to a rival) to try and win now. It's an old and somewhat traditional move done by the Redskins coaches and brass. No, Dan Snyder didn't originate this.....he just likes to use it a great deal.

So the Redskins again made the mega-trade. They again made the big off-season move to take the headlines away from everything else. Jimmy Clausen (who?), Sam Bradford (Oh, that guy.), The Draft (who cares!), MLB's Opening Day (they still have only another 150+ games to play, whatever), The Capitals domination of the NHL (didn't Mark Brunell wear #8?). Heck, it probably even gave Tiger Woods about a 10 minute break from being an annoying headline that I'm sick of hearing and could care less about (what I would care about if I was a big golf fan, which I'm not really, is whether Tiger can put the tiny ball in the even tinier hole in as few strokes possible) in the sports/media/tabloid world. It is that big of a deal, especially when the Eagles trade McNabb to a fellow NFCE rival. So let's look at what Mcnabb bring to the table by coming to DC.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Updates, Lateness, Apologies and Strip Malls

Dear IIWII readers,
I'm hoping that I will have time to get a few articles posted this weekend. I still want to finish my take on McNabb's arrival to DC and what effects it will cause for the Redskins, the NFCE and possibly the NFL (Yes, this move is that big of a deal). I also want to update the Meaningless Mock Draft and I would like to have at least 2 more versions up before draft day. There will be a new Redskins News and Notes coming up discussing where Campbell will (and should) probably go, the Haynesworth trade, the Draft Day party at FedEx and more.....

I do want to apologize for the lateness of my response to McNabb coming to DC. I have a great deal (both good and bad I suppose) to say about the move but I've had a bit of writer's block on how I want to write it (my writing style is more about what comes to me than outlines or structure). You've probably read every other expert, fan, and blogger's opinion on the subject.......but if you're a regular reader here, I guess you like my opinion of things enough (or hate it) to keep reading and probably would like to read my take on it (short gist: I like the move but have concerns).

I also haven't had time to write for many reasons: work, being tired from work, trying to clean up my yard from this past winter (finally sun and nice temperatures) and a family emergency (looks like everything's going to be ok, but they're still in the hospital and will be for some time). Oh and that writer's block thing with the McNabb article. So keep checking back, we're here.........just occasionally slow.

I'll leave you with this picture that I asked the Mrs. to take as we were heading home from the hospital. It pretty much sums up how strip malls are so close together that you can't tell which store is which, or if they're all the same store. I thought it was funny at the time, but I was tired so it may just be silly or stupid.

(They have the best General Tso's Chicken at Hair China Wok)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some People Really Like the Meaningless Mock Draft........

IIWII joined the Mock Draft realm just the other day when I put up MMD 3.0. I've already had two sites
1. Our old friends over at DC Pro Sports Report
2. A new site The Football Fan Spot

Put MMD 3.0 in their mock draft databases. Click the links to their sites to check out us and other mocks (IIWII is listed as Walking Deadman or Walking Deadman Blog)

and DC Pro Sports Report (or from now on DCPSR) quoted us in one of their articles about blogger reaction to the McNabb trade. Read the story here.

I've got a big write up on Mcnabb.....just ran out of time last night to finish it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Scouting Report: "Fast Willie" Parker

This weekend the Skins have reportedly signed Willie Parker to a deal worth around $3.1 million along with some incentives.

Parker has come from the Steelers and since I've seen him play against the Ravens twice a year, SHD is gonna give you the scoop, and what Redskins fans can expect from him.

Pros: Parker is hard nosed runner that doesn't mind bull dozing his way that one inch that will get you a first down. With his frame (5'10" 209 lbs) he can give defenders fits bringing him down. Can catch the ball out of the backfield occasionally but shouldn't be the go-to-guy. Got the name "Fast Willie" because he can break a long run given half a chance. Parker has been deep in the playoffs numerous times and has won two Superbowl rings with the Steelers. A vet with that kind of experience can be real valuable for a team trying to aspire to those expectations.

Cons: "Fast Willie" has lost a step. He surrendered his starting position in 2009 to Rashard Mendenhall and that was one of the reasons why. Parker has played in six seasons in the NFL. For a RB, that makes him past his prime in football years. Parker has only played in all 16 games in the regular season only once due to injuries. He had his best year as a pro (1,494 yards 13 tds) that year in 2006. Has fumbled 17 times in 6 seasons averaging nearly 3 a year (keep in mind he has only started 14 games in the last two years).

SHD's Take: Parker joins a backfield that already consists of another new signing in Larry Johnson and Offensive Cog in Clinton Portis. Parker was probably brought in for camp competition with Johnson for the teams second RB. I think this star filled backfield means that the Redskins are probably gonna wait another year to draft CP's eventual replacement.

Willie Parker is quality RB that is best suited for depth and could start if called upon. Training camp should provide plenty of entertainment this year that is for sure.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Okay, So I Don't Know Anything I Suppose

At least I'm willing to admit it.

Redskins interested in trading for McNabb? See, didn't I tell you you'd be thankful if you took my advice back in the beginning of the post. Jay Glazer is pretty reliable. It's usually either him or Adam Schefter that breaks the big stories but this one I just don't believe. There is no way that the Eagles would trade McNabb to the Redskins baring a major trade by the Skins involving a lot of picks and some other players. I just don't see that happening. I also can't see the Skins marketing Donovan McNabb to the fans. That would throw away a great deal of the faith that the fan have in the new regime. It just doesn't make much sense to me except that McNabb might play well in a Mike Shanahan system.
-From NFL/Redskins News and Notes 4/3/10

But seriously even when the rumor is coming from Jay Glazer, would you believe it? So, first I apologize to Mr. Glazer for doubting this story. Second, I still have no clue what the plan is for the Skins.....maybe that's a good thing. Initially, I thought the plan was to get younger but now we're bringing in the Over the Hill Gang at various positions.....and we still have no LT on this team.

This is really a wait and see deal.....but I don't think the Skins are close to being done in making moves. As we get closer to the draft, I would expect the Skins to make a few more trades and pick up a few more pick.....because we need the picks. This O-line has got to get fixed before we can get better. I don't care who the QB is.

McNabb a Redskin

Don't know what to think about this one. I'm stunned.

Well, at least the Eagles won't have a problem booing McNabb. They've been doing that ever since he was drafted.

Welcome #5, I just have to get used to seeing you as a Skin.
 Donovan McNabb traded to Redskins.
 Donovan is headed to the Redskins.
BGO commentary on the trade.

More on this.......I need a day to think about this one.

I also feel bad for Jason Campbell right now.

Meaningless Mock Draft 3.0- The Whole 1st Round

Lot's of picks, little time to write so let's get to it.

1st Round

1. St. Louis Rams- Sam Bradford, QB
An excellent pro day pretty much wrapped up Bradford as the #1 pick to the Rams only a failed contract negotiation would spoil Bradford becoming the new face of the Rams franchise.

2. Detroit Lions- Ndamukong Suh, DT
The acquisition of Corey Williams would make Suh the better pick for the Lions. Suh will force teams to put two blockers on him allowing Williams and Kyle Vanden Bosch many opportunities to get to the QB. Suh is already a monster run stuffer and will develop to be an even better pass rusher in the NFL. Gerald McCoy is also an option here. I still am not sold that the pick here will be Russell Okung. Suh and the DT position has a higher value (Suh ranked higher than Okung in talent) and need for the Lions than a LT. However, it wouldn't surprise me if the Lions felt that Okung was more important to protect Matthew Stafford's blind side.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Gerald McCoy, DT
The Bucs get the player they always wanted all along. McCoy will provide a strong inside penetration that will help collapse the pocket on passing downs.

4. Washington Redskins- Russell Okung, OT
He's only the IIWII consensus pick for the Redskins so obviously that's where I'm heading in this draft. Again, Bradford should be going #1 to the Rams and I really hope the Skins are smart enough to not spend all of their picks for a QB with a great deal of upside but injury concerns when they have no LT to block for him. I don't believe that Jimmy Clausen should go this high so the Skins should address value and need here with Okung. Okung starts at LT on day 1 and radically improves the offensive line (although there are still 4 positions that will eventually need upgrades to fit Shanahan's scheme).

5. Kansas City Chiefs- Bryan Bulaga, OT
It looks like it will probably come down to Bulaga or Berry at this spot. However, if the Skins did take a Clausen or Bradford at #4 you could throw Okung in the mix. I also wouldn't rule out Dez Bryant either. I think the reason that the Chiefs would go with Bulaga over Berry is because of the position Berry plays. You have to ask yourself is it really worth making Berry the highest paid safety in the league when he's never taken an NFL snap? High drafted safeties have had a high bust potential in past years as well. Does Eric Berry have the skills and intangibles of one of mine and his favorite players in the late Sean Taylor (drafted at #5 in 2004)? I'm not sold Scott Pioli thinks so and that's why he takes Bulaga.

6. Seattle Seahawks- Trent Williams, OT
The run on offensive tackles started at four and will continue with this pick. Pete Carroll, needs a LT and Walter Jones may or may not be back in 2010. Either way, the Seahawks need to look at the future and Williams could be a good option here. Would not be surprised however if the Seahawks went after Dez Bryant or Eric Berry here however.

7. Cleveland Browns- Eric Berry, S
With the run on tackles, a player that some have argued is the best talent in the draft falls right into the laps of the Browns. Berry, along with Sheldon Brown improves the Browns secondary which is a must when you play in a dvision that has Ben Rothlisberger, Carson Palmer and Joe Flacco.

8. Oakland Raiders- Anthony Davis, OT
While I jokingly took Bruce Campbell in the last mock, it still wouldn't surprise me if the Raiders again took a fast Terrapin who dominated at The Combine. That said, not every position covets speed and what Al Davis is looking for talent, who has a nasty playing style and will give his QB time to throw the ball deep. Davis, by some, has the most upside of all of the LT prospects and some believe he may be the best tackle coming out of the draft. That said, he has character issues and may never live up to the potential. So let's see lots of talent + character issues. Yep, that seems to fit the Raiders. Now if JaMarcus Russell, just shows up in shape and ready to play........never mind.

9. Buffalo Bills- DT/NT, Dan Williams
The Bills would love a OT here or a QB with a cannon arm. Neither are on the board at the moment although Clausen would be a major improvement, it seems that currently the Bills are interested in Tim Tebow. With a move to a 3-4 scheme Dan Williams would be a day 1 starter at the NT position. Williams looked very good playing DT at the Senior bowl and showed that he can force double teams while still causing disruption behind the line of scrimmage. Not a splashy pick but a key pick if their 3-4 scheme is to succeed. The Bills still could reach on a OT here, maybe go after Dez Bryant or take Jimmy Clausen as possible alternatives.

10.  Jacksonville Jaguars- Earl Thomas, S
DE would be a position here as well and last time I had Jason Pierre-Paul as an option. He's still a good option, but I think that the Jags need to win now if Jack Del Rio is to keep his job and that's why they go for Thomas who can start immediately unlike Pierre-Paul who has a great deal of upside, but is a project. Thomas can play both as a safety and corner, so he more or less helps two positions of need. Some even think Thomas is/could be a better prospect than Eric Berry.

11. Denver Broncos- Rolando McClain, ILB
Here's the question you have to ask yourself. Are the Broncos willing to take a center at #11? If you can't say yes, then you have to go with the ILB. Maurkice Pouncey has been viewed as the best C prospect to come out of the draft in 10 years based on some of the drafniks opinions (Wes Bunting of NFP in particular). But do you really go that high for a Center or even a Guard for that matter?

12. Miami Dolphins- Dez Bryant, WR
I don't like this pick. It just doesn't seem to fit Bill Parcell's M.O. Maybe, they go after Jason Pierre-Paul and convert him to OLB. If Earl Thomas or Dan Williams are here, this is an option. Many consider Bryant to be an elite WR prospect and their is clearly a need for the Dolphins.

13. San Francisco 49ers- Joe Haden, CB
Haden falls to the 49ers and they fill a huge need here.

14. Seattle Seahawks- Derrick Morgan, DE
The Seahawks have lacked a pass rush the last few seasons and address the need with one of the top pass rushers in the draft. While Morgan may not have as much upside as Pierre-Paul, he's a day one starter and probably the all around best DE. Don't be surprised if Pete Carroll takes a run at CJ Spiller here however.

15. New York Giants- CJ Spiller, RB
It wouldn't surprise me if the Giants went after Jason Pierre-Paul or Brandon Graham here but the Giants don't have that many needs and if somehow Spiller fell to the Giants he could be used correctly. Not as a feature back but as a special teams threat who changes the pace for about 15 carries a game. It would make the Giants offense much more dynamic and give me major headaches.

16. Tennessee Titans- Jason Pierre-Paul, DE
A few years ago, Jeff Fisher and the Titans drafted a rare specimen in Jevon "The Freak" Kearse who had a good NFL career and could have possibly been HOF worthy had injuries not sidelined him and deteriorated his skills. Pierre-Paul reminds me of "The Freak" and I think he'd be a good fit for the Titans who badly need help on the D-line.

17. San Francisico 49ers- Mike Iupati, OG/OT
The 49ers could use help at the RT position and there's really no player that's worth the pick that's a natural tackle. That said, many believe that Mike Iupati is a 4 position player and probably could play the RT position even though he seemed to excel more as a LG.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers- Maurkice Pouncey, C/G
The Steelers have some serious problems on the offensive line that has led to many Rothlisberger sacks and a weak run game. Poncey could start either as a guard or as a center immediately.

19.  Atlanta Falcons- Brandon Graham, DE
The Falcons have need for a solid DE and with Jamaal Anderson being a bust and John Abraham past his prime, this move makes sense to me.

20. Houston Texans- Devin McCourty, CB
Dunta Robinson is gone and it's time to start rebuilding the CB corp. The Texans are also looking for a power runner and Fresno St.'s Ryan Matthews could go here even though I think it may be a stretch.

21. Cincinnati Bengals- Jermaine Gresham, TE
Carson Palmer is always looking for new targets to throw to and Gresham fills a need as a pass catching tight end who can stretch the field and make LBs/S struggle in coverage.

22. New England Patriots- Sergio Kindle, OLB/DE
The Pats. have gotten older in their linebacker corp. and addressing the linebacker position makes sense. Some think that Kindle may be on the level of Brian Orakpo in performance. If this is the case, the Patriots are getting a steal at #22. Wouldn't be surprised if they went after a 3-4 DE or 4-3 DT in Jared Odrick here or if Gresham was on the board maybe take a shot at him.

23. Green Bay Packers- Kyle Wilson, CB
The Packers CB corp. is getting older and is injury prone. Wilson could help improve upon the current roster. If Sergio Kindle is here, they might go in that direction. Same could be said about SeanWeatherspoon.

24. Philadelphia Eagles- Sean Weatherspoon- LB
Weatherspoon has a great versatility which will allow the Eagles to use him either as a OLB or as a ILB.

25. Baltimore Ravens- Jared Odrick, DT/DE
To me, the Ravens have three main areas to address: CB, DT and TE. With Haden, Wilson and McCourty off the board, they might go after Patrick Robinson at corner or Aaron Hernandez at tight end. But Ozzie Newsome is a guy that likes to build in the trenches and will take Odrick who will compliment Ngata and help keep blockers off Ray Lewis.

26. Arizona Cardinals- Bruce Campbell, OT
Mike Gandy may or may not be back and Jeremy Bridges is more suited to be a RT or OG. While I've become less and less positive on Campbell, he has had only a limited amount of starts and has great intangibles and a very high upside if he can be coached. Russ Grimm knows how to develop O-linemen and Campbell may be a long term steal at #26.

27. Dallas Cowboys- Taylor Mays, S
I really want to put Bruce Campbell in a Cowboys uniform, but I can't see the Cardinals not taking him. Charles Brown doesn't really fit the size requirements for the Dallas O-line, so I put Mays here. Not my favorite pick b/c I see a lot of SS, Roy Williams in him but he's a big name and Jerry Jones likes big names and wants to make splashes with his moves on occasion. I wouldn't be surprised if a WR was here either. The other Roy Williams hasn't done well in Dallas either.

28. San Diego Chargers- Terrence Cody, NT
The Chargers are in dire need of a legitimate nose tackle and with Dan Williams long gone they opt for Mt. Cody.

29. NY Jets- Jerry Hughes, OLB
The Jets will add Hughes to help improve upon their pass rush.

30. Minnesota Vikings-Jimmy Clausen, QB
A huge fall and I think Buffalo will take him at #9 or somebody will trade up for him. But This is where I have him for this draft.

31. Indianapolis Colts- Charles Brown, OT
Polian showed his hand when he blamed the Colts O-line for the loss in the Super Bowl to the Saints. Charles Brown could help with that.

32. New Orleans Saints- Carlos Dunlap, DE
The Saints could use some help on their pass rush and Dunlap fits the bill as a late 1st round prospect.

Redskins MMD

#4 Russell Okung, OT (see above)
#37 Colt McCoy, QB
I think McCoy would be a great fit for the Redskins. He makes plays with his feet, has some experience against NFL caliber talent and has a decent arm. While he learns how to play in a pro-style offense in 2010 the Skins can work on building the O-line and for McCoy to be the starter in 2011.
#103 Marshall Newhouse, OT
Let's get that O-line rebuilt. Newhouse or another athletic OT could start addressing needs that haven't been dealt with for YEARS. Just think two possible long term O-line starters in one draft......I'm doing the Snoopy happy dance.
#135 Chris Brown, RB
#211 Travis Ivey, NT

2009 Draft Flashbacks

Getting closer to the draft, just wanted to go back to 2009 maybe to help whet your appetite. The draft is 18 days away.

Almost a year ago we were watching the draft and watching as the Skins took some guy named Orakpo and everybody seemed pretty happy about the move.

Brian Orakpo only went on to shatter the rookie sack record by a total of 4 sacks and tie the team lead for sacks in 2009 (11.0). He was the rare highlight of a dismal 4-12 season.

Bonus: the surprise drafting of Michael Oher to the Ravens. Initially SHD was pissed about the move (he wanted a much needed WR)but probably by the end of preseason found out why I was so high on Oher.

NFL/Redskins News and Notes 4/3/10

NFL News and Notes

The Lying Game. Now is the time that you have to take every rumor and every comment from every media head, news outlet and team release with a serious grain of salt. The reason is simple, it's strategy. Teams want certain players, agents want their players to go at the highest spot in the draft and other teams want to mess up the strategy of their 31 fellow competitors. Every source has their agenda, be weary of these rumors and unknown "sources". Until an actual trade happens, don't believe it. You might think this has already started when free agency began, but it actually gets worse as we get to the day of the draft. I'm planning on watching the pre-draft shows on draft day and I expect some crazy rumors to come out of those shows. But I thought I would remind the IIWII readers of this before I get to Redskins News and me you'll thank me later.