Sunday, April 4, 2010

2009 Draft Flashbacks

Getting closer to the draft, just wanted to go back to 2009 maybe to help whet your appetite. The draft is 18 days away.

Almost a year ago we were watching the draft and watching as the Skins took some guy named Orakpo and everybody seemed pretty happy about the move.

Brian Orakpo only went on to shatter the rookie sack record by a total of 4 sacks and tie the team lead for sacks in 2009 (11.0). He was the rare highlight of a dismal 4-12 season.

Bonus: the surprise drafting of Michael Oher to the Ravens. Initially SHD was pissed about the move (he wanted a much needed WR)but probably by the end of preseason found out why I was so high on Oher.

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Steeler Hater Dan said...

LOL yeah I remember that day. Orakpo and Oher was the guys you were high on and you wanted as a skin. At first I was a ticked but after seeing what Oher could do and his nasty streak that went along with his abilities, I quickly changed my mind. Good day for both Ravens and Redskins!

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