Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are the Jets annoying anyone else?

As I prepare myself for another day of work, the radio interrupts my drive telling me...

I take lunch at exactly 12:00 everyday and the people are talking about...

When I try to relax at home after I just fed my son, Sports Center just announced...

The Jets have just traded for Santonio Holmes. Rex Ryan just challenged Channing Crowder to a break dancing contest. The Jets like their shade of green.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against the Jets. I actually kinda like them and Rex Ryan too, but does everything they do have to be a press release? This bugs SHD a little.

I also admire that they are willing to sacrifice draft picks to try to win now. They had a solid team last year and went deep into the playoffs. All the wheeling and dealing they're doing shows that they are convinced that they're just a couple of players away from being Super Bowl contenders.

Yes, SHD is aware that its the off season. Yes, SHD knows that football news is almost non-existent right now (besides the draft), but I'm pretty sure other teams are doing stuff too. What if I wanna know how many Browns fans are choosing another team to root for because they're fed up with how things are going?

I guess its not completely the Jets fault for annoying me. The major media outlets are gonna share this blame too.

For God's sake, a little variety please?

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