Friday, April 23, 2010

At #103 the Skins Have Many Options

 (Bruce Campbell {"Groovy"}could be one of them)

It's day three, so I doubt the Skins would be really in the mood to trade down for a few more extra 5th and 6th round picks. If they stay at #103 they have some good options to address needs. Here's a few:

OT-  I see right now 4 players the Skins could target to fit a need: Bruce Campbell, Selvish Capers, Jason Fox and Tony Washington

RB- Not my choice, but you know how Shanahan likes RBs: Joe McKnight, Jonathan Dwyer or Chris Brown could be options.

QB- Do we find a QB to develop? I don't think so here, but here's some guys I like: John Skelton, Jarrett Brown

OLB- A nice complement on the other side of Orakpo if Carter or Wilson isn't the guy: Eric Norwood, Brandon Lang are options.

I still would like the Skins to keep addressing the O-line.

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