Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Vinny, Stay off my Radio!

 (Red Bull and Vinny don't mix)

To make my 60 minute commute to and from work a little less draining, I usually listen to 105.7 fm "the fan" for my entertainment. For those that haven't listened to it, its basically a Baltimore/D.C. sports station (but they focus on Baltimore for the most part.)

I've really come to enjoy the Scott Garceau show in the afternoon while driving home after a long, hard days work. But lately his choice of guest is kinda irritating me. Within a weeks time Mr. Garceau has asked Vinny Cerrato to commentate his opinions about 2010 NFL Draft twice.

Now WDM has had many entries on this guy and I'll just say that the lack of love for Vinny is more than justified. The first time I was listening to him was before the draft. While I'll admit I didn't get the radio station in clear enough to make a complete judgement, I heard enough to know that I didn't like him. Today at approximately 2:45 pm, 105.7 fm was very clear and Vinny was again a guest on the Scott Garceau show and all my thoughts on this joker were confirmed.

Vinny Cerrato, in my opinion, is a arrogant, self-absorbed poser that reminds me of Brian Billick. Like Billick, Cerrato has ego problems that ultimately cost him his job as Redskins GM, but even worse put the skins in a set back that Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan are trying to remedy.

What Cerrato said about the Skins in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft: In a mocking voice, Cerrato said something like [the fans said we gotta get left tackle. But if you got one rated to go to the third round, it doesn't make sense to take at pick 13 where we had Orakpo.]

Hey Vinny, ask WDM (who probably does more research on the draft every year than most "experts") who was there at the 13th pick and rated higher than that according to his board. None other than Micheal Oher. You can't possibly tell us that he was rated in third round can you? If you did, you sir have no business telling anyone what they should do in the draft.

Don't get SHD wrong now. Brian Orakpo was an awesome pick. (I have trouble believing you had something to do with that) WDM was just as excited to get him as he would've Oher. But left tackle was a glaring need for the burgundy and gold at the time and Micheal was there. You let your ego get in the way of picking a position probably because it was a little more sexy. That's why you didn't have success in Washington. That's why you are really not liked by a hungry fan base.

Of course other idiocies were said but I felt I had to share my view on his left tackle comment.

So Mr. Cerrato please stop trying to sell what no one is buying and for Heaven's sake...Stay off my radio!



Walking Deadman said...

Here would have been Vinny's 2010 draft:

#4 Jimmy "nobody wants in the 1st round" Clausen
#37 Charles Brown, OT
Rest of draft:
- a line backer, FB or player that has either a issue or hasn't played the position long.
- a QB
- a CB or safety
Also Vinny probably would have give the Raiders a 4th round pick to take Jason Campbell and gave up a 2nd rounder for next year for Adam Cariker....

Just saying.

Walking Deadman said...

Oh and I love a mascot.
He's the Redskin's Steely McBeam.

C-Money said...

You have it wrong, there's no way Vinny would have grabbed Charles Brown at #37 when he could have grabbed Sergio Kindle (pair up Orapko with his former teammate), Taylor Mays or... wait for it... Golden Tate!

Walking Deadman said...

You're right would have been Golden Tate, no way we draft a OT that high. Levi Jones and Flozell Adams would be playing for the starting LT spot....or Heyer.

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