Monday, April 19, 2010

Redskins News and Notes 4/19/10

 This week mostly a quick recap of things and the ever popular link dump that many blogs like to do.

Skins on the practice field
Skins held their first mini-camp of the year (2 left: May 7-9 and June 16-18). It was closed to the media, but the Redskins Blog and John Pappas of Warpath Confidential did cover the camp. Lots of articles, pictures and audio from each. Worth checking out.

BGO/Warpath Confidential: Link to article (which has links to pictures and audio)
Warpath Confidential: Link to Pappas article/press conference with Clinton Portis

Redskins Blog: Matt Terl has about a ton of blog entries on the mini-camp (w/pictures). Check them out here, here, here, and an article about Laron Landry here.

I'd also recommend checking out the last few day over at Redskins Insider (Washington Post). Jason Reid has a great deal of coverage on the team.

Finally, DC SportsBog had a nice write up on the new rules that Mike Shanahan has for his players to follow.

Major Highlights:
- Lorenzo Alexander is now #97 (was #79). Colt Brennan is now #15
- All players participated except for Jason Campbell, Albert Haynesworth and Rocky McIntosh
- Clinton Portis looks like he's lost a few pounds. This will be interesting to watch this season.
-O-line starters as of today: Heyer (LT), Dockery (LG), Rabach (C), Mike Williams (RG), Hicks (RT)
- Kyle Shanahan believes that O-line could start and win today (me, I don't think so).
- 6 unsigned players participated in camp. Most notable Jerry Porter and Marques Hagans

Also rumors continue as we get closer to the draft (via PFT):
- Redskins still taking a QB at #4 (I call complete BS here).
- Portis, Johnson and Parker may be on the week 1 roster after all.
-Mike Shanahan says that there has been no trade talks on players outside of allowing Jason Campbell to talk to other teams for a possible trade.

- Skins sign former Buc Greg Peterson
-Sean Taylor's locker will be moved to the club level (so I don't get to see it anyway)

and I still have to get used to this:
(photo by Matt Terl)

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