Monday, April 5, 2010

Scouting Report: "Fast Willie" Parker

This weekend the Skins have reportedly signed Willie Parker to a deal worth around $3.1 million along with some incentives.

Parker has come from the Steelers and since I've seen him play against the Ravens twice a year, SHD is gonna give you the scoop, and what Redskins fans can expect from him.

Pros: Parker is hard nosed runner that doesn't mind bull dozing his way that one inch that will get you a first down. With his frame (5'10" 209 lbs) he can give defenders fits bringing him down. Can catch the ball out of the backfield occasionally but shouldn't be the go-to-guy. Got the name "Fast Willie" because he can break a long run given half a chance. Parker has been deep in the playoffs numerous times and has won two Superbowl rings with the Steelers. A vet with that kind of experience can be real valuable for a team trying to aspire to those expectations.

Cons: "Fast Willie" has lost a step. He surrendered his starting position in 2009 to Rashard Mendenhall and that was one of the reasons why. Parker has played in six seasons in the NFL. For a RB, that makes him past his prime in football years. Parker has only played in all 16 games in the regular season only once due to injuries. He had his best year as a pro (1,494 yards 13 tds) that year in 2006. Has fumbled 17 times in 6 seasons averaging nearly 3 a year (keep in mind he has only started 14 games in the last two years).

SHD's Take: Parker joins a backfield that already consists of another new signing in Larry Johnson and Offensive Cog in Clinton Portis. Parker was probably brought in for camp competition with Johnson for the teams second RB. I think this star filled backfield means that the Redskins are probably gonna wait another year to draft CP's eventual replacement.

Willie Parker is quality RB that is best suited for depth and could start if called upon. Training camp should provide plenty of entertainment this year that is for sure.


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