Sunday, April 18, 2010

Site News for the Week (Draft Week)

This upcoming week is going to be pretty hectic for yours truly, so I won't have that much opportunity to be posting that much on here. However, here's the breakdown on what I would like to do this week (time permitting).

- Tonight and tomorrow: Meaningless Mock Draft 4.0. The Mock before the final mock, not a great deal of changes, but a few are coming. Hopefully a Redskins News and Notes.......plenty of things to write about in Ashburn and lots of links.

- Tues/Wed: Don't expect much from me. Barring a major trade or something big, I'll be busy working and doing other stuff.

-Thursday: Meaningless Mock Draft 5.0 (final), maybe a round 1 recap.

- Friday: Round 2/3 recap

- Saturday/Sun,: Round 4-7 recap. Coverage on the Redskins Draft Day Party

- Mon/Tuesday: Redskins News and Notes and UDFA coverage

After that, I might take a few days off from the blog.........

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