Saturday, April 10, 2010

Updates, Lateness, Apologies and Strip Malls

Dear IIWII readers,
I'm hoping that I will have time to get a few articles posted this weekend. I still want to finish my take on McNabb's arrival to DC and what effects it will cause for the Redskins, the NFCE and possibly the NFL (Yes, this move is that big of a deal). I also want to update the Meaningless Mock Draft and I would like to have at least 2 more versions up before draft day. There will be a new Redskins News and Notes coming up discussing where Campbell will (and should) probably go, the Haynesworth trade, the Draft Day party at FedEx and more.....

I do want to apologize for the lateness of my response to McNabb coming to DC. I have a great deal (both good and bad I suppose) to say about the move but I've had a bit of writer's block on how I want to write it (my writing style is more about what comes to me than outlines or structure). You've probably read every other expert, fan, and blogger's opinion on the subject.......but if you're a regular reader here, I guess you like my opinion of things enough (or hate it) to keep reading and probably would like to read my take on it (short gist: I like the move but have concerns).

I also haven't had time to write for many reasons: work, being tired from work, trying to clean up my yard from this past winter (finally sun and nice temperatures) and a family emergency (looks like everything's going to be ok, but they're still in the hospital and will be for some time). Oh and that writer's block thing with the McNabb article. So keep checking back, we're here.........just occasionally slow.

I'll leave you with this picture that I asked the Mrs. to take as we were heading home from the hospital. It pretty much sums up how strip malls are so close together that you can't tell which store is which, or if they're all the same store. I thought it was funny at the time, but I was tired so it may just be silly or stupid.

(They have the best General Tso's Chicken at Hair China Wok)

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