Thursday, May 6, 2010

Football is Back for a Weekend.......

......but you won't be able to watch any of it.

The Skins hold their second mini-camp of the season. This is a mandatory camp for the rookies, so expect to see Trent Williams out at practice, but voluntary for the veterans. Don't expect Albert Haynesworth or Rocky McIntosh to be there.

Of course this is closed to the public and the media, so you'll need to watch Redskins Nation to see any on field footage. I'd also suggest to head over to Warpath Confidential and see if John Pappas catches an interview (or a few). The camp updates may be in a thread over at BGO as well. I'd also keep an eye on the Redskins Blog (Matt Terl will be on the field taking some nice pics), Redskins Insider and the twitter posts of John Keim and Rick Maese

Me, I will be rather busy this weekend with work- so I don't expect to have that much about the mini-camp on IIWII. I'm still finishing up some posts about the draft and the recent Skins signings, but the job that actually pays the bills comes first.......

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