Monday, May 3, 2010

Jason Campbell Traded for Half Eaten Bag of Doritos and Expired Happy Meal Coupon

(Good luck in Oakland JC, wish you the best except when you play the Skins)

Hardly any of the moves made by the Skins in the draft surprised me. I thought they might have taken a RB, QB or CB at some point but they didn't and that was fine with me. What was a surprise was that they didn't trade Albert Haynesworth or Rocky McIntosh and that they traded Jason Campbell to the Raiders for a 4th round 2012!!!!.

Really? The Skins traded a starting QB, who will be the starter in Oakland in week one for a pick that they have to wait two years before they can use. Then, to do this to a team that is known to make some pretty bad moves for players (kind of like the Skins during the Vinny days) and all you can get is the equivalent of a 6th round pick in this draft? Sorry, if Vinny was still running the show every Redskins site from ExtremeSkins to BGO fans would be annoyed with the front office. Yet, I still think that Allen/Shanahan got the best they could for Jason. Again, this does go back to the mishandling of the team by Vinny Cerrato and Dan Snyder.

Last year, when Cerrato tried to shop Campbell to get either Mark Sanchez or Jay Cutler the writing was on the wall that the Skins didn't want Campbell here and this made him lose value. When the Broncos then traded Jay Cutler to Chicago, Campbell's value again took a hit as another rumor (truth?) came out that the deal was made primarily because McDaniels favored Kyle Orton (traded in the deal) over Jason Campbell. Despite a decent 2009 season (even though the team went 4-12 and Campbell was sacked 43 times and hit hundreds of times), Campbell's value took another hit with the rumors that Snyder and Cerrato had been "scouting" QB prospects like Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy. The trade for McNabb solidified the notion that the Skins wanted an upgrade and that they wanted Campbell gone. I never bought the comments made by coach Shanahan that he was going to keep Jason as the backup to McNabb and apparently neither did the rest of the NFL. Thus, Jason Campbell's career value went into the bargain bin of the NFL's version of a five and dime store.

It still does amaze me however that teams like the Seahawks would be willing to give up a third round pick for a player that has been in the NFL for four seasons and has never thrown a single pass in a real NFL game (preseason doesn't count.....if it did Marcus Mason would be a Pro Bowler and hold the rushing title). You'd have to think experience would trump potential in comparing Campbell and Whitehurst but what do I know.....Whitehurst probably fits in a WCO better than Campbell.

What I also find interesting in this trade is when the Skins are getting the pick. Why 2012? It makes sense to wait a season and get a more valuable pick I suppose. However, this draft class was pretty deep in talent and wouldn't the Skins want to take a player and have two years to develop him instead of waiting two years, getting a more valuable prospect but then still having to develop him? Why didn't the Skins take a pick in 2011? They have already lost a pick in 2011 for Donovan McNabb. It would make sense to get another pick to replace the one they lost. I think the reason is that there is still a deep concern that there will be some form or lockout/strike in the 2011 season. If there was would that effect the draft? And if the draft was canceled would that pick become void? I'm not sure, but it sounds like it would be a good reason to explain why they're willing to wait for 2012 to get the pick.

In the end it was a win-win-win for all of the parties involved. It's a win for Jason Campbell as he gets a new start with a team that has a scheme that fits his skill set. Campbell gets extended through the 2011 season. The Raiders get a starting QB who can get the ball downfield and has the work ethic to learn the scheme and improve upon his abilities. The Skins get rid of a player that some could argue they haven't wanted since 2008 and got some compensation (although minimal) for the player. Plus it allows the team to move on and not get distracted during camp about Jason being traded. I'm not that hyped up about it right now, but in 2012 I'll be happy that we have 8 total picks. Maybe we can finally have a draft where the Skins actually participate other than making one pick and waiting to almost the end of the draft to make another selection.

Final Note: Campbell has changed his number to #8 per Matt Terl.

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