Monday, May 10, 2010

LT (Sr.) Back in the News...

Everyone has heard the latest accusations against former Giants great, Lawrence Taylor. But lets recap it quickly for those without television, radio and can only read IIWII on the internet.

Last Thursday LT was accused and later charged with third-degree rape of a 16 year old runaway girl in New York. He later allegedly admitted to "sexual acts" with the girl inside a hotel room whom was pimped out for $300. Later she informed her uncle who then called the police.

SHD's Take:

Its no secret that LT has had his demons to battle. From the drugs to the arrests and everything in between. This is another tragic tale of a catastrophic fall from grace. For awhile it looked like LT was getting his act together (again). He was sober and had that Nutrisystem gig and was starting to look healthier. SHD was kinda proud of him.

Now it looks like there is a very real possibility that he could go to jail. According to what I've read, LT asked the girl how old she was and said 18. But I say if you have to question it, you shouldn't be involved in the first place. He put himself in this sticky situation and now must pay the consequences, even if nothing did happen.

As a celebrity, your life becomes a open book. Everything you do from eating out to making a speech is gonna be an open forum for criticism. So its no surprise that a scandal like this is big news. Goes with the territory.

If something did happen SHD believes he should pay the piper. Maybe after its all said and done, LT can start over and put his life back together once again and be known again as Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor.



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