Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's Going On With IIWII?

Hey Everybody,
We'll do this post in a bit of Friday Night Video style:

Even with this being a dead period of the football season, there's still a lot of things going on. We're also working on stuff even though we haven't posted in over a week. Dan is working on a post about Brian Urlacher vs. Gale Sayers. I've got only a million things working about the Skins right now. My next post will probably be about the season ticket wait list and FedEx (and a great surprise that happened to me two Saturdays ago * hint* look at the stadium photo).

And, like I've said before because it is such a dead time, I still have some time to get in a post about the draft, the upcoming schedule and any other Redskins News and Notes that might be worth discussing (yes, that includes the rumors of Santana Moss being linked to the HGH doctor). I also (if I have time- doubtful) would love to chime in on the Nats, the Wizards and whatever else is currently going on in the area.

Thanks again for popping on the site and we're continually working on improving the site with new polls, useful info. and whatnot. I am going to say that the podcast is currently on hiatus based on Dan and my schedules currently. We just don't have time to get together and work on that project (thanks anyway goes to John Pappas of SkinsCast and everything else for some advice on podcasting that I will use when we get it going).
Keep checking back, I'm here usually everyday but too lazy don't have enough time to post anything but hopefully you'll see more content in the coming weeks.

If you have time to watch baseball (not that I regularly suggest it), you might want to watch the Orioles vs. the Nationals this afternoon. Series is tied 1-1 and it's been fun to watch.

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