Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Season Tickets Will Start Being Mailed Out On.......

July 26th, 2010.

From the Redskins:
"The Washington Redskins have completed the 2010 Automatic Upgrade Program, which included seat upgrades and parking upgrades into the Green lot."
So, if you haven't been contacted by the Skins by now about your tickets and/or parking being upgraded, it looks like you're out of luck.

And this was an interesting tidbit:
"In future years we hope to add more Automatic Upgrade options, such as Upper Level account holders being moved closer to midfield. Look for more details in your 2011 invoice package!"
Now I thought that the Skins were already doing this. Not just moving down (and subsequently to the lower bowl) but I do know that some fans do want to stay in the upper bowl and hang closer to the 50. It is a good view and as long as you're in the first 15 rows or so, you don't have an insane walk.

And finally......
"Washington Redskins Season Tickets will be shipped via FedEx on or around July 26th. Upon shipment a notification will be sent to the email address on your account."
I got to give credit to the ticket office this year, (at least to me) they've been pretty efficient and have done a good job with communication. I think their new system and the automatic upgrade has really worked out. It's hard not to give credit to Bruce Allen in some capacity for this. Even if he had nothing to do with it, things have certainly improved with the entire organization since his arrival.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And now we have a Twitter Account......

Not that I plan on using it that much but here's the address:

Training Camp Dates (Open to the Public) Announced

You can see the Dates and Times over at The Redskins Blog.
I will update the Upcoming Dates section accordingly.

I'd really like to get down to Ashburn to see the team in action this season. Who knows, I might be able to get there towards the end of camp.

Breaking: IIWII joins

Just wanted to make a brief announcement. IIWII has joined the blogger network We're very happy to announce this as we hope that it can provide IIWII a bit more traffic and provide another great site some additional content.

So what does this mean to IIWII readers? Not too much really. IIWII is staying at the same URL and all of our content will remain here. This also will not affect anything we've been doing with other blogs (ie. blogrolls) or with BGO. If anything, I'm hoping that becoming a part of this community will enhance our content and increase communication with some of the other DC sports area and Redskin blogs.

TBD looks like it's going to make some major impact in the DC area in both web based news and content and TV as well and we're glad we can be be part of the team.
If you're curious to see what TBD is about, please head to their site at and keep reading IIWII, we're still hard at work providing content and Redskins news/commentary during the dog days of summer.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Fan Appreciation Day Announced

Per Redskins Nation it will be Saturday August 7th, 2010. Mark Your calenders accordingly and if you plan on going- go very, very early. The traffic will be insane. I may try to get down there, but I'd rather try to go on a day that won't have a ton of Redskin fans there.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Site Updates and Other General Housekeeping

I've spent most of the morning playing around with the site and making some changes/adjustments. Here's some of the moves......hope you like them.

- At the bottom of the page there is a weather tracker for FedEx Field. A nice tool for somebody going out to the game and wanting to know whether to bring a coat, a poncho (no umbrellas are allowed at FedEx) or some gloves.

- Added a list of player websites. This includes current players and some former players (including The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Dexter Manley) and Sean Taylor's Tribute Site. If there is a player out there that you don't see, or if you are a Redskins player, coach, GM and would like a link to your site please email me at

- Updated the Upcoming Dates of Interest. Now that camp and OTA's are over, it was time to do some updates on the upcoming dates. The calender is now through the first game of the season, just some nice dates to keep you going through the offseason.

- 2010 Redskins Schedule (coming soon to IIWII). I will be posting the schedule on the site with times and TV coverage.

- Updates to the Blog Roll. I removed a few (either defunct or I'm not reading anymore), moved a few and added two new blogs to the blog roll: Brooding Burgundy and DC Landing Strip.

- Templates. I'm going to play around with the templates that blogger is currently offering. At this point I'm not sure if I'll change the template (again) but if you notice some weird (and probably temporary) changes on the site......that's why.

- Polls. I eventually plan to re-add polls to the blog. They were taken down b/c the gadgets/applications weren't working and I was getting tired of the wasted space and the Google can not find messages. Polls have been one of the more popular elements behind the site and they will be back.

What's Going On With IIWII?

In the next few months or so we may have a few advertisements on the site. Recently, we've been asked/offered by a few people about adding advertisements to the blog. I never really planned on doing ads. here because IIWII wasn't really intended to make any money and SHD and I do this in our spare time. That said, I've mentioned a few times that we'd like to do a podcast eventually and while our schedules are currently holding things up, money would help to improve what we use to make said podcasts (if it ever happens).

As for content, we've got a lot of things planned despite the off-season. I have a post coming up about the schedule as well as a post about the Top 10 Questions about the Redskins heading into training camp. I am hoping to try to get down to training camp for one day this year, but my schedule will make that rather difficult. SHD is working on some fantasy football rankings. As you've already seen, he's done one on QBs and he'll be doing others on the other positions. I'm also hoping to do some frequent posts that I plan on calling The Quest for 53. This will highlight a few players that have a chance to make the roster but aren't guaranteed to be there opening day. So don't expect to see Brian Orakpo or Donovan Mcnabb in this series. Some of the regular posts like Friday Night Videos will still pop up from time to time and I'm sure we'll find some other stuff to write about.

Thanks again for reading IIWII. It's funny what words draw some people to the site. We've gotten a lot of hits just from me mentioning the third upcoming Chris Nolan Batman film in a post about a rumored (and totally false) casting for The Riddler. Same with the phrase "Creature Feature", when I wrote about the late night horror shows and Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive In. I used the phrase as defined here. Apparently, there is a band that goes by the same name........never heard of them, man I feel old. It's nice though that the Google search engines are leading people here. But if you're here for Redskins content, keep reading. We have plenty of stuff in store for you.

Finally, if you're a regular reader......BECOME A FOLLOWER TO IIWII!!!!! It will look like people are actually reading the site. We have six followers so far (again, thanks) and hopefully that will draw more attention to the site. Also, if there are any topics that you'd like to see on IIWII (that includes polls or other suggestions as well) please email us or leave a comment.

This is generally most of the emails I get in the IIWII Inbox:

So, I'm always happy to get emails from readers instead of phishing scams.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Haynesworth Speaks......I Yawn

Yesterday, Floppy decided to make a statement on whether or not he was planning on attending training camp. Here are said comments:

Despite my current differences with the Redskins, I have always planned to attend training camp and honor my contract. As I have previously said, I am continuing to prepare for the season individually and will report on time, in shape and ready to play football. Any issues I have with the club I will discuss privately and therefore do not plan to make any further public comments about this matter."

This is really no surprise to anybody that has been paying attention to his contract and that the Skins would love to go after some of that signing bonus they have already given him. The Skins have already fined Haynesworth the maximum ($10,000) for skipping out on the mandatory two day mini-camp. They can't go after the big money unless he  fails to show up to training camp. Haynesworth is a smart guy and knows this (both he and his agent knows this), so of course he'll be at training camp.

This has nothing to do with honoring a contract, because Haynesworth hasn't honored his contract. It's one thing to skip voluntary workouts......because technically, they're voluntary (although both the players and fans know better). It's another to skip out on a mandatory camp that your coach actually cut from three days to two. Then, to whine about not playing in the scheme you like and demanding a trade after being paid 21 million dollars only a few months ago. Boo Hoo, Albert. Try standing on your feet for 13 hours a day with no breaks, no time to take a lunch (other than to stuff a sandwhich down your throat while you're working) and hardly any time to use the bathroom. That was the first job that I worked when I got out of school and I was under contract as well. You think I liked doing that? I, like you, signed on to do one thing and got stuck doing something that I wasn't expecting/didn't want to do. But unlike you, I wasn't getting millions of dollars and also unlike you I showed up every day I was scheduled to be there and did my job.

I've never seen a player get jumped on by so many other players. Most of his teammates, Redskins alumni (including Art Monk) and other well known players like Ray Lewis and Kevin Mawae. Not even T.O. had so many people speak out against him.  Many of these players never have and probably never will get paid the ridiculous amount of money that Floppy is getting. There's a new CBA coming and the players know that the actions of Haynesworth could lead to future contract issues. Owners will want provisions to protect them from stuff like this (like being able to get back big signing bonuses for failing to attend mini-camps). Or to just convert voluntary workouts/OTAs/mini-camps to mandatory sessions, thus again making life harder for every player in the league.

Plus, if there's any holdout or strike the NFLPA will be looking to gain an edge with fan support. How can they get that support when players like Haynesworth make over $32 million in less than a full season and yet fail to show and help the team that just paid all of that money? Name a person in a regular, non-sports profession that can be cut a check from his employer and then just not show up? Most fans can't relate to Albert's situation, but they can understand where the Redskins are coming from. It's that disconnect with the players that could lead to the fans siding with the owners in this labor dispute.

That is something the players do not want to see.

Actions speak louder than words and for Haynesworth his actions in the next few months will speak volumes on his true intentions. If Haynesworth comes to camp in shape and learns to play DE (and occasionally NT. Let's face it Haynesworth really doesn't fit the classic NT profile and would be better suited playing DE in this scheme anyway with the occasional switch to NT to cause problems up the middle on a few passing downs) much of this can be forgotten. If he comes to camp in the same shape he was last season and continues to flop around like a fish out of water, he will continue to get the ire of both his fellow players and the fans.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fantasy Football Rankings: QB's

In the past couple years, I've discovered for myself fantasy football. Its one of those games were you hear about it then say to yourself "that's lame". But once I actually played, (like football) it became addicting. I found myself researching all the games instead of the one my Ravens were playing.

So you hear about fantasy football everywhere. All the "experts" have their rankings and so do I. While I'll never claim to be a expert, my next couple posts will be about my opinion about the top five players for each position and also a few sleepers to watch out for and the one to avoid. This one is for the quarterbacks.

SHD's Top 5 QB's
1. Drew Brees: Everyone has him number one also and I really really tried to think of an excuse to not put him number one, but the truth is he's been the best qb for the last two years and coming off a superbowl win, the champ still has an elite offense in tact. He can't be slowed down yet.
2. Aaron Rodgers: This is my guy. This is the guy that I really wanted to be first. But I had to be honest with myself. The only thing that separates the top two are sacks. He's got it all and my prediction is he'll be number one by mid-season.
3. Tom Brady: I don't like him on a personal level, but he should be fully healed by now and is still elite with elite talent around him until further notice.
4. Peyton Manning: Another one that I'm not a fan of. In my opinion Manning is slipping from the elite ranks fast. That SuperBowl loss was on his shoulders (choke) and until he proves otherwise, number four is where he will stay.
5. Philip Rivers: This guy is kinda of a bag too, but the team had a great winning streak to end the regular season with him under center. It also helps if the rest of your division is one of the weakest in the NFL. Won't win the ring with Norv, but he could help you win your fantasy league.
SHD's Sleepers
1. Joe Flacco: Deep playoff team two years in a row was only missing one key ingredient which was added this off season. Flacco heads a potentially dangerous offense.
2. Jay Cutler: Had a bad year but receivers came on late. Limit the ints and he will be serviceable.
3. Jason Campbell: Change of scenery with decent talent in a weak division could be something to watch out for.
Don't Pick This Guy
Jake Delhomme: Cleveland bought this guy and gave up on Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn? Please avoid if possible.
Next time I rank the RB's. Enjoy.

Jammal Brown a Skin.....Great Move

I'm working on a pretty lengthy Redskins News and Notes post but with a few minutes before heading to work, I wanted to make some brief comments on the Jammal Brown trade.

1. It's a steal for the Skins to get a two time pro bowl LT for the mere cost of either a 3rd or 4h round pick and maybe a late round pick in 2012. Plus, the skins will get either a 5th or 6th rounder from the Saints (all based on McNabb's performance and the 2010 record).

2. By getting Brown, the Skins add more versatility and depth to the roster. Brown and Trent Williams can play both tackle positions. That allows Artis Hicks to move inside and compete with Mike Williams for RG.

3. If the Redskins plan on Brown being a long-term solution, they need to extend him during the next few weeks if possible. Although the Skins need to do this with Carlos Rogers and Donovan McNabb just to name a few as well.

4. There will be a great deal of competition to make this roster now. Stephon Heyer, Will Montgomery, Chad Rinehart, Mike Williams and Edwin Williams- all either starters or role players (and sometimes liabilities) during the Zorn tenure may not be on this team come September.

More to come.......

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

This is a quick one.
We got an email from another blogger named Matt who offered us some free content from his site in exchange for a link to his site. It's a post about father's day and ties and tie cakes.

I kind of skimmed through tiepedia and as a person who has to wear ties for his job, it has some interesting content (like how to tie certain knots etc.). And yes, I own two Redskin ties and will be wearing them this season (and probably piss off the local Cowboy and Raven fans in my area).

Good luck with your site, Matt. Here's the link to tiepedia.
And the link for the original article (with more pictures).

And now the floor, I mean tie, is Matt's (or so to speak).

Not Your Ordinary Father's Day Ties

It may surprise some of you to hear what I am about to say, but it must be said. Not all guys want a tie on Father's Day. GASP! I know, I know, it sounds crazy... and I certainly am not one of those guys, but apparently it's true.

Listen to what Joseph Hurtado has to say, "there are only two types of men: those who hate ties, and those who grudgingly accept them as part of the job."

Blasphemy as far as I am concerned, but if you're Mrs. Hurtado you may want to think twice about getting Joseph a tie for Father's Day. How about baking him a delicious necktie cake instead? I don't think many men could resist that. Here are some sweet examples for you to consider! (Congrats to the cake artists who created these!)

About The Author: Matt’s longest streak of consecutively wearing a tie is 2 years and 5 days! (Don't worry they were different ties) He loves life, his family, his heaven, and his sports (golf, basketball and college football).

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday Night Videos: The Cars; Jackie Chan and Inception

And thus, we start with another Friday Night Videos. I have a whole bunch of things I want to write about. Like, why I took down the polls. What's going on with the site? That we may have some new things on the site that you may (or may not) like. What I plan on writing about until training camp starts.

It was going to do a big post talking about that, but it's late and I just got home from a minor league baseball game, so I'm going to throw out some videos and we'll get to that other stuff for another day. It's time for me to get some sleep.

Tonight's featured band is The Cars. I rather enjoy the above song Good Times Roll. The great thing about the song is that you can interpret it as either a song about having fun or as complete sarcasm from a person who's miserable. I even like the Powerman 5000 version of the song.

The first Cars song/video I ever saw was You Might Think, which coincidentally was on NBC's Friday Night Videos for which these video segments are based.

It's a pretty good video and a classic for what came out of the 80's. Y'know, when singers and bands actually made an effort to make entertaining videos. A time when MTV actually played videos and no reality or faux-reality crap TV. Although, I think in 2010 this video would be considered stalking and not a lovesick guy trying to woo the young damsel.

Next is a video I had to pop on here. Jackie Chan used to make some of the coolest kung-fu flicks going. Now he's doing remakes of The Karate Kid. That said, somebody mashed up some of Jackie's better works with him beating the crap out of the Karate Kids, the 3 Ninjas, Spy Kids...etc. Jackie Chan hates Karate Kids is absolutely hilarious (warning: some profanity/violence). (Thanks to Film Drunk for the find).

More Videos at 

Finally, we'll finish up with a featurette  on the movie Inception. I really have enjoyed the works of Chris Nolan from Momento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige and The Dark Knight. I think Inception will be another classic. If you also like what Nolan is doing with modern cinema, this is worth checking out.

and of course here's the trailer:

More on IIWII, coming up......stay tuned

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Man, I'm Glad I didn't Buy This Jersey

"Hey, Hey, Hey, I'm Stealing Your Money!!!"
I was working on a post about the schedule but came upon a nice article by Jason Reid over at the Washington Post. In it, we found out a little tidbit that we all had suspected:
"He has made it clear to me that he does not want to play for the Washington Redskins."
 -Chad Speck, Albert Haynesworth's agent
 From :"Haynesworth will skip minicamp, wants trade"

As the title of Mr. Reid's article indicates, Albert Haynesworth will not be participating in the upcoming, probable two day mini-camp starting tomorrow.
So what are my thoughts on this you wonder?

Well, this is no surprise. Many Skin fans have seen this coming for awhile now and that's why many of us wished he would have been traded during the draft. This is the crown jewel of ultimate fail of the Daniel Snyder/Vinny Cerrato reign of terror. Congratulations, goes to Albert Haynesworth broke a record here Floppy (yes, to me Albert Haynesworth will now be known here at IIWII as Floppy McFlopster for his repeated flopping in the 2009 season so he could sit out and get some water). You have become the worst Redskin player/FA pick up of all time. Pretty amazing considering Jeff George, Adam Archuletta and Jerimiah Trotter are part of that sad fraternity of Redskin failures.

I hope that the Skins could still get a 2nd rounder in a trade, but part of me just wants to see Shanahan bench Floppy for the rest of the season and find some way to fine him for being out of shape and a detriment to the team. We'll see what Shanahan does, but I seriously doubt that Shanahan will do anything that Floppy wants at this point.

The only silver lining that I see to this is that another more needy country will be pelted with non-wanted Haynesworth jerseys.
If you like to travel, come and visit Taylorpia and Haynesworthia (note: in red, Haynesworthia is the bigger one)
Last thing, Floppy will never be as great as Reggie White. Never. Reggie never flopped and faked being injured to get a drink or catch his breath. Reggie never stomped on a guy's head. Reggie White was a highly respected opponent throughout his career as an Eagle and then later as a Packer. At this point, I don't have any respect for Floppy. He didn't earn hardly a penny of that contract.

* Anybody who has some skill in making .gifs, if you send me a .gif of Haynesworth flopping, I will send you a prize (maybe some football cards of something). Best of all submissions gets the prize.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

This One is for SHD

As you know by now while SHD follows the Skins, his heart is with the Baltimore Ravens. So here's a few fun videos for the Raven fans out there.

First, is Ray Lewis giving a speech about a his newly named Ray Lewis Way in Baltimore.

Next, is something I saw back on Tosh.0 awhile ago. Dan actually followed the original Browns until they became the Ravens. So here's some smack video on one of SHD's fellow AFCN rivals

Here's the one that was on Tosh.0 (they disabled embedding on this one you you have to click the link).

Still working on other stuff, including the Redskins as we get close to the final mini-camp of the year and then the dreaded void of the sports world (Hockey, Basketball and Football are on hiatus, baseball isn't even at the all star break so all you have to watch is WNBA and World Cup soccer) until training camp starts in late July.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thoughts on the Draft pt.2: Analysis and Breakdown of Every Redskin Draft Move and Draft Pick

Before you can even look at the Redskins 2010 draft class, you have to think about what moves the Skins made and what they did before and during the draft. In reality this draft spans as far back as the 2008 training camp when the Redskins started to throw away picks (thanks again Vinny) to bring in an over priced Jason Taylor. Taylor didn't want to be here and Greg Blache didn't want to use him, so the Skins "rented" Taylor for less than a full season of games at the cost of our 2009 2nd round pick and 2010 6th round pick (Oh, and about 8 million dollars). Plus they made a bunch of other moves that caused a ripple effect on their draft board. You can't just look at the players drafted in 2010 alone. For this draft you have to look at the moves that occurred before and during the draft and then look at who got drafted. It's a bit complicated but I'll walk you through everything. Let the fun begin.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Off-Season Addiction

It has become a annual off-season tradition for me. Nothing that I really planned on happening, but it has become an addiction out of necessity.

During the football season, you can't wait for the playoffs. When the playoffs finally arrive, you're filled with so much excitement but a small feeling of dread starts to creep a little on you, but you ignore it.

At last the SuperBowl arrives and if you're team is in it or not, you're usually watching it. But in between the $2 million commercials, that feeling of dread starts to get bigger. You realize why that feeling is there. The truth has hit you without warning. The off-season starts tomorrow.

The only thing between the SuperBowl and Training camp is the Draft. The two months after the SuperBowl you get psyched for the Draft, then it comes and goes super quick and there isn't really anything after that.

The off-season is seven months of hell for us die hard football fans. We cling to some BS news about Seattle's back-up quarterback's new protein diet and the latest Steeler that has physically abused a woman.

There is one thing after the Draft that I look forward to, which has inspired this post. My addiction to NFL Preview Magazines.

There are about five or six (that I know of) that come out every year. Each brand previews their take on the upcoming NFL season. They break each team down individually and gives each team grades on various topics, such as free agent acquisitions, rookies etc. I usually buy about four to help me get by to Training Camp.

They all pretty much say the same thing, but for some reason beyond me, I still buy them. I gotta know who is disrespecting or who is jinxing my team. I gotta see why they say the Cowboys are gonna play the Patriots in the SuperBowl every year.

Desperation is a stinky cologne. How do you get by?


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thoughts on the Draft Part 1 and Why it Doesn't Matter That Much Now.

(This is already the #1 NFL jersey, but will the player that wears that jersey be the best player coming out of the draft in a few years?)

In part two of this post, I will finally get around to writing about the Redskins draft picks and what I think about them. But I want to write about the draft in general first. I love the draft, I really do. It's the build up to and the analysis after that's really amazing. People speculate on what teams will do, what they need to do and what they will do to fit the need. Then after the players are selected, everybody ranks who did well, who sucked and how these moves will affect their teams in the future. I'll be honest, I've been guilty of doing this as well.

The truth is that it takes years......many years in some cases to determine if a player or if a team's draft class was a success or a bust. Take the Redskins draft class of 2005 for example. You couldn't really say it was a bust until after the 2010 draft when Jason Campbell was traded to Oakland for a player to be named in 2012. Now looking back, only Campbell and Carlos Rogers remain in the league and Campbell will never be that franchise quarterback that many hoped would lead Joe Gibbs to his 4th Lombardi trophy. Rogers, while serviceable as a #2 corner and occasionally as the #1, will never be that "shutdown corner" that the fans were hoping they were getting when he was selected (see Champ Bailey).

This year will be a big year for the 2008 class. Devin Thomas, Fred Davis and Malcolm Kelly are entering their third years which is usually the "do or die" year for a WR. Davis has already shown that he can be a dominant player when given the opportunity. Thomas has shown sparks of success which one hopes will lead to a break out season. Kelly has been hindered by injury and lack of use by the previous coaching staff. Mike Shanahan however has plans for Kelly and this should be a big year for him. Other players from this class: Chad Rinehart, Rob Jackson and Colt Brennan will all be fighting to make the roster. Chris Horton is coming off an injury. Justin Tryon will be fighting new corner Phillip Buchanon  for the nickle position and Kareem Moore will be trying to be used more as both a FS and a SS.

So like I've already said, it's ridiculous to give grades to teams after a draft. Most experts who do (or who are paid to do so) even admit this. Kiper and McShay both commented on the First Draft podcast (bottom of that page) that it was a futile attempt and McShay actually said that it was easier to make a 2011 forecast/mock draft than to grade teams on their picks. That said, grades aside, you can determine if a team drafted to fill needs and the drafted players that were considered to be valuable (AKA: Steals) at that spot or did they get desperate and pick a player too early (AKA: Reaches) or pick a player at a position that already has depth, yet fail to address a critical need.