Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Breaking: IIWII joins tbd.com

Just wanted to make a brief announcement. IIWII has joined the blogger network TBD.com. We're very happy to announce this as we hope that it can provide IIWII a bit more traffic and provide another great site some additional content.

So what does this mean to IIWII readers? Not too much really. IIWII is staying at the same URL and all of our content will remain here. This also will not affect anything we've been doing with other blogs (ie. blogrolls) or with BGO. If anything, I'm hoping that becoming a part of this community will enhance our content and increase communication with some of the other DC sports area and Redskin blogs.

TBD looks like it's going to make some major impact in the DC area in both web based news and content and TV as well and we're glad we can be be part of the team.
If you're curious to see what TBD is about, please head to their site at tbd.com and keep reading IIWII, we're still hard at work providing content and Redskins news/commentary during the dog days of summer.

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