Monday, June 21, 2010

Fantasy Football Rankings: QB's

In the past couple years, I've discovered for myself fantasy football. Its one of those games were you hear about it then say to yourself "that's lame". But once I actually played, (like football) it became addicting. I found myself researching all the games instead of the one my Ravens were playing.

So you hear about fantasy football everywhere. All the "experts" have their rankings and so do I. While I'll never claim to be a expert, my next couple posts will be about my opinion about the top five players for each position and also a few sleepers to watch out for and the one to avoid. This one is for the quarterbacks.

SHD's Top 5 QB's
1. Drew Brees: Everyone has him number one also and I really really tried to think of an excuse to not put him number one, but the truth is he's been the best qb for the last two years and coming off a superbowl win, the champ still has an elite offense in tact. He can't be slowed down yet.
2. Aaron Rodgers: This is my guy. This is the guy that I really wanted to be first. But I had to be honest with myself. The only thing that separates the top two are sacks. He's got it all and my prediction is he'll be number one by mid-season.
3. Tom Brady: I don't like him on a personal level, but he should be fully healed by now and is still elite with elite talent around him until further notice.
4. Peyton Manning: Another one that I'm not a fan of. In my opinion Manning is slipping from the elite ranks fast. That SuperBowl loss was on his shoulders (choke) and until he proves otherwise, number four is where he will stay.
5. Philip Rivers: This guy is kinda of a bag too, but the team had a great winning streak to end the regular season with him under center. It also helps if the rest of your division is one of the weakest in the NFL. Won't win the ring with Norv, but he could help you win your fantasy league.
SHD's Sleepers
1. Joe Flacco: Deep playoff team two years in a row was only missing one key ingredient which was added this off season. Flacco heads a potentially dangerous offense.
2. Jay Cutler: Had a bad year but receivers came on late. Limit the ints and he will be serviceable.
3. Jason Campbell: Change of scenery with decent talent in a weak division could be something to watch out for.
Don't Pick This Guy
Jake Delhomme: Cleveland bought this guy and gave up on Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn? Please avoid if possible.
Next time I rank the RB's. Enjoy.

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