Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday Night Videos: The Cars; Jackie Chan and Inception

And thus, we start with another Friday Night Videos. I have a whole bunch of things I want to write about. Like, why I took down the polls. What's going on with the site? That we may have some new things on the site that you may (or may not) like. What I plan on writing about until training camp starts.

It was going to do a big post talking about that, but it's late and I just got home from a minor league baseball game, so I'm going to throw out some videos and we'll get to that other stuff for another day. It's time for me to get some sleep.

Tonight's featured band is The Cars. I rather enjoy the above song Good Times Roll. The great thing about the song is that you can interpret it as either a song about having fun or as complete sarcasm from a person who's miserable. I even like the Powerman 5000 version of the song.

The first Cars song/video I ever saw was You Might Think, which coincidentally was on NBC's Friday Night Videos for which these video segments are based.

It's a pretty good video and a classic for what came out of the 80's. Y'know, when singers and bands actually made an effort to make entertaining videos. A time when MTV actually played videos and no reality or faux-reality crap TV. Although, I think in 2010 this video would be considered stalking and not a lovesick guy trying to woo the young damsel.

Next is a video I had to pop on here. Jackie Chan used to make some of the coolest kung-fu flicks going. Now he's doing remakes of The Karate Kid. That said, somebody mashed up some of Jackie's better works with him beating the crap out of the Karate Kids, the 3 Ninjas, Spy Kids...etc. Jackie Chan hates Karate Kids is absolutely hilarious (warning: some profanity/violence). (Thanks to Film Drunk for the find).

More Videos at 

Finally, we'll finish up with a featurette  on the movie Inception. I really have enjoyed the works of Chris Nolan from Momento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige and The Dark Knight. I think Inception will be another classic. If you also like what Nolan is doing with modern cinema, this is worth checking out.

and of course here's the trailer:

More on IIWII, coming up......stay tuned

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