Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Man, I'm Glad I didn't Buy This Jersey

"Hey, Hey, Hey, I'm Stealing Your Money!!!"
I was working on a post about the schedule but came upon a nice article by Jason Reid over at the Washington Post. In it, we found out a little tidbit that we all had suspected:
"He has made it clear to me that he does not want to play for the Washington Redskins."
 -Chad Speck, Albert Haynesworth's agent
 From :"Haynesworth will skip minicamp, wants trade"

As the title of Mr. Reid's article indicates, Albert Haynesworth will not be participating in the upcoming, probable two day mini-camp starting tomorrow.
So what are my thoughts on this you wonder?

Well, this is no surprise. Many Skin fans have seen this coming for awhile now and that's why many of us wished he would have been traded during the draft. This is the crown jewel of ultimate fail of the Daniel Snyder/Vinny Cerrato reign of terror. Congratulations, goes to Albert Haynesworth though......you broke a record here Floppy (yes, to me Albert Haynesworth will now be known here at IIWII as Floppy McFlopster for his repeated flopping in the 2009 season so he could sit out and get some water). You have become the worst Redskin player/FA pick up of all time. Pretty amazing considering Jeff George, Adam Archuletta and Jerimiah Trotter are part of that sad fraternity of Redskin failures.

I hope that the Skins could still get a 2nd rounder in a trade, but part of me just wants to see Shanahan bench Floppy for the rest of the season and find some way to fine him for being out of shape and a detriment to the team. We'll see what Shanahan does, but I seriously doubt that Shanahan will do anything that Floppy wants at this point.

The only silver lining that I see to this is that another more needy country will be pelted with non-wanted Haynesworth jerseys.
If you like to travel, come and visit Taylorpia and Haynesworthia (note: in red, Haynesworthia is the bigger one)
Last thing, Floppy will never be as great as Reggie White. Never. Reggie never flopped and faked being injured to get a drink or catch his breath. Reggie never stomped on a guy's head. Reggie White was a highly respected opponent throughout his career as an Eagle and then later as a Packer. At this point, I don't have any respect for Floppy. He didn't earn hardly a penny of that contract.

* Anybody who has some skill in making .gifs, if you send me a .gif of Haynesworth flopping, I will send you a prize (maybe some football cards of something). Best of all submissions gets the prize.

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