Thursday, June 3, 2010

Off-Season Addiction

It has become a annual off-season tradition for me. Nothing that I really planned on happening, but it has become an addiction out of necessity.

During the football season, you can't wait for the playoffs. When the playoffs finally arrive, you're filled with so much excitement but a small feeling of dread starts to creep a little on you, but you ignore it.

At last the SuperBowl arrives and if you're team is in it or not, you're usually watching it. But in between the $2 million commercials, that feeling of dread starts to get bigger. You realize why that feeling is there. The truth has hit you without warning. The off-season starts tomorrow.

The only thing between the SuperBowl and Training camp is the Draft. The two months after the SuperBowl you get psyched for the Draft, then it comes and goes super quick and there isn't really anything after that.

The off-season is seven months of hell for us die hard football fans. We cling to some BS news about Seattle's back-up quarterback's new protein diet and the latest Steeler that has physically abused a woman.

There is one thing after the Draft that I look forward to, which has inspired this post. My addiction to NFL Preview Magazines.

There are about five or six (that I know of) that come out every year. Each brand previews their take on the upcoming NFL season. They break each team down individually and gives each team grades on various topics, such as free agent acquisitions, rookies etc. I usually buy about four to help me get by to Training Camp.

They all pretty much say the same thing, but for some reason beyond me, I still buy them. I gotta know who is disrespecting or who is jinxing my team. I gotta see why they say the Cowboys are gonna play the Patriots in the SuperBowl every year.

Desperation is a stinky cologne. How do you get by?


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Walking Deadman said...

I used to get 3-4 of those mags.....but every year they say the Redskins will suck so I've cut it down to 1-2 max. anymore.

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