Sunday, June 27, 2010

Site Updates and Other General Housekeeping

I've spent most of the morning playing around with the site and making some changes/adjustments. Here's some of the moves......hope you like them.

- At the bottom of the page there is a weather tracker for FedEx Field. A nice tool for somebody going out to the game and wanting to know whether to bring a coat, a poncho (no umbrellas are allowed at FedEx) or some gloves.

- Added a list of player websites. This includes current players and some former players (including The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Dexter Manley) and Sean Taylor's Tribute Site. If there is a player out there that you don't see, or if you are a Redskins player, coach, GM and would like a link to your site please email me at

- Updated the Upcoming Dates of Interest. Now that camp and OTA's are over, it was time to do some updates on the upcoming dates. The calender is now through the first game of the season, just some nice dates to keep you going through the offseason.

- 2010 Redskins Schedule (coming soon to IIWII). I will be posting the schedule on the site with times and TV coverage.

- Updates to the Blog Roll. I removed a few (either defunct or I'm not reading anymore), moved a few and added two new blogs to the blog roll: Brooding Burgundy and DC Landing Strip.

- Templates. I'm going to play around with the templates that blogger is currently offering. At this point I'm not sure if I'll change the template (again) but if you notice some weird (and probably temporary) changes on the site......that's why.

- Polls. I eventually plan to re-add polls to the blog. They were taken down b/c the gadgets/applications weren't working and I was getting tired of the wasted space and the Google can not find messages. Polls have been one of the more popular elements behind the site and they will be back.

What's Going On With IIWII?

In the next few months or so we may have a few advertisements on the site. Recently, we've been asked/offered by a few people about adding advertisements to the blog. I never really planned on doing ads. here because IIWII wasn't really intended to make any money and SHD and I do this in our spare time. That said, I've mentioned a few times that we'd like to do a podcast eventually and while our schedules are currently holding things up, money would help to improve what we use to make said podcasts (if it ever happens).

As for content, we've got a lot of things planned despite the off-season. I have a post coming up about the schedule as well as a post about the Top 10 Questions about the Redskins heading into training camp. I am hoping to try to get down to training camp for one day this year, but my schedule will make that rather difficult. SHD is working on some fantasy football rankings. As you've already seen, he's done one on QBs and he'll be doing others on the other positions. I'm also hoping to do some frequent posts that I plan on calling The Quest for 53. This will highlight a few players that have a chance to make the roster but aren't guaranteed to be there opening day. So don't expect to see Brian Orakpo or Donovan Mcnabb in this series. Some of the regular posts like Friday Night Videos will still pop up from time to time and I'm sure we'll find some other stuff to write about.

Thanks again for reading IIWII. It's funny what words draw some people to the site. We've gotten a lot of hits just from me mentioning the third upcoming Chris Nolan Batman film in a post about a rumored (and totally false) casting for The Riddler. Same with the phrase "Creature Feature", when I wrote about the late night horror shows and Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive In. I used the phrase as defined here. Apparently, there is a band that goes by the same name........never heard of them, man I feel old. It's nice though that the Google search engines are leading people here. But if you're here for Redskins content, keep reading. We have plenty of stuff in store for you.

Finally, if you're a regular reader......BECOME A FOLLOWER TO IIWII!!!!! It will look like people are actually reading the site. We have six followers so far (again, thanks) and hopefully that will draw more attention to the site. Also, if there are any topics that you'd like to see on IIWII (that includes polls or other suggestions as well) please email us or leave a comment.

This is generally most of the emails I get in the IIWII Inbox:

So, I'm always happy to get emails from readers instead of phishing scams.

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