Sunday, June 13, 2010

This One is for SHD

As you know by now while SHD follows the Skins, his heart is with the Baltimore Ravens. So here's a few fun videos for the Raven fans out there.

First, is Ray Lewis giving a speech about a his newly named Ray Lewis Way in Baltimore.

Next, is something I saw back on Tosh.0 awhile ago. Dan actually followed the original Browns until they became the Ravens. So here's some smack video on one of SHD's fellow AFCN rivals

Here's the one that was on Tosh.0 (they disabled embedding on this one you you have to click the link).

Still working on other stuff, including the Redskins as we get close to the final mini-camp of the year and then the dreaded void of the sports world (Hockey, Basketball and Football are on hiatus, baseball isn't even at the all star break so all you have to watch is WNBA and World Cup soccer) until training camp starts in late July.

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Steeler Hater Dan said...

Both videos AWESOME! Thanks WDM! :) LOL

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