Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chris Cooley Is Wise.......

Chris Cooley's Words of Wisdom

(On Albert Haynesworth at camp):

"if he came back in shape, ready to play football, he'll be there two days and everyone will forget what happened"

I highlighted the "if" in particular because, that one word will make or break how things will go down at training camp. Let's say he does come back in shape and ready to play. If that's the case, then Chris Cooley is dead on about the attitude towards Haynesworth by both his teammates and some of the fan base (we're a pessimistic sort when it comes to situations like this and you can't blame us for feeling this way). Of course, I have a feeling that coach Shanahan might be forgiving but not forgetting any of this (in particular if we're talking about Haynesworth coming back after the 2010 season). Generally, many of these off season issues will be long forgotten by the first few weeks of the season if (again that word) Haynesworth can be a dominating presence on the field that many saw occasionally in 2009.

Of course there will be some stories published no matter what highlighting the problems with Haynesworth and the Skins and focus on the riff, but I won't be one of them. So, since we're so close to training camp, I've decided to pretty much stop the Haynesworth commentary until we get through a few preseason games. Actions always speak louder than words, so let's see what Haynesworth is going to do when he gets to Ashburn in a couple of days.

(Cooley's interview via DC Sport's Bog via The Mike Wise Show)

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