Monday, July 26, 2010

DC Pro Sports Report Annual Redskins Blog Review

If you're reading this blog, then most likely you (1.) like the Redskins and (2.) like reading blogs about the Redskins (I do too). So here is a link to DC Pro Sports Report and their Annual Redskins Blog Review. It looks at many of the blogs that cover the Redskins and gives grades on each site based on various criteria.

And yes, we are in this annual review:

Used to be the Walking Deadman Blog and now goes by this name.  Covers more than the Redskins, but the Redskins coverage is pretty damn good.  Nice read.  Check it out.  Can subscribe via RSS and follow on Twitter.  We debut it under this name as a 4STAR because it is worthy of your eyes.  It will likely be a 5 start next year, but we do not make it a habit to debut a blog as a 5 star.  All black background, typical Blogspot look.  Give it a try, go read and bookmark it."

That's a real honor and we're proud to debut with a four star ranking. We're gunning for that five star ranking next year and plan to continue making IIWII even better. Expect more photos from us (photo quality similar to the draft day party pictures) and even more content from myself and SHD.

We're always improving and with the new partnership with TBD and our current relationships with BGO and some of our fellow bloggers, we hope to be an even better IIWII as this season progresses and as we head to 2011.

Of course, we welcome suggestions from our readership and you can leave comments either in posts or you can email either myself or SHD at the IIWII email
Or tweet us on our twitter page:

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