Monday, July 5, 2010

Dwight Freeney Doesn't Think Much of Trent Williams (or Any Rookie OT For That Matter)

Colts starting DE and sack machine Dwight Freeney gave an interview to Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times about looking forward to playing and beating rookie offensive tackles.

"When you have a rookie offensive tackle, I can't wait. Because for an offensive tackle, you're not good until you're in like your eighth year. You've got to get beat up for a while to learn what to do and what not to. It's when you're about in your fifth through 10th years as an offensive tackle that you're in your prime."
" All these rookies coming out? They don't know anything. I can't wait."
-Dwight Freeney, From: Dwight Freeney can't wait to meet (and beat) rookie offensive tackles
By: Sam Farmer

Looking at the Colts schedule, it seems that the only rookie that Freeney will likely face is none other than Trent Williams on Oct. 17th at FedEx. Williams is facing a daunting task this season as he will be trying to protect Donovan McNabb's blind side against some of the league's best DEs/OLBs including DeMarcus Ware (weeks 1 and 15), Mario Williams (week 2), Julius Peppers (week 7) and Jared Allen (week 12).

This is why many fans were very happy to see the trade for Jammal Brown. If Williams struggles in preseason or during training camp, then the Skins at least have a option to move Williams to right tackle and play Brown at left tackle. Some have also suggested that maybe the Redskins should pull a similar move like the Ravens did with Michael Oher and start Williams at RT and move him to LT in 2011. I don't expect the Skins to do either of those things barring an injury, long hold out (remember, Williams is not signed as of this posting, but plans on being signed before or right after the start of training camp) or absolute failure.

Trent Williams was drafted  #4 overall because Mike Shanahan and his staff believes that Williams will be the Redskins starting left tackle for the next decade or so and that is where they plan to use him. It will be a trial by fire for him this year, but if all works out one hopes the Skins may have found their Ryan Clady. Let's hope that Freeney is wrong about a rookie tackle's development. Because, if true, Williams won't be good during Donovan McNabb's time here.

At least now, we have one reason to watch all of the preseason games........

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