Monday, July 5, 2010

Fantasy Football Rankings: RB's

So here we are with the top five Running Back rankings. This wasn't an easy task at all. There could be dozens of combinations that could arguably be considered the best of the best top five. I've made my list and here it is...

SHD's Top 5 RB's

1. Michael Turner: Oh dip, a fantasy ranking without CJ number one? Yes. Remember the number one running back going into the 2009 season? MT scored 10 touchdowns in nine games and then got hurt last year. He played a couple more, but it was clear he needed more recovery time. Bottom line he's healthy and one of the NFL's last true number one RB's. MT will touch the ball over 300 times this year.

2. Ray Rice: Rice had a great sophomore season last year, especially in the playoffs when he cut up the Patriots for 159 yards and 2 TD's. Ray Ray is about to put up big fantasy numbers cuz the Ravens upgraded their WR's big time by trading for Anquan Boldin and signing Derek Mason back as well as adding deep threat Donte' Stallworth. Can't have 8-9 guys in the box anymore. Rice takes full advantage.

3. Adrian Peterson: Super talented running back and if a game was only 2 quarters long, he would be ranked numbered one. He plays like its his last game for the first 2 quarters, then AP disappears the rest of the game. Fumbles are also a concern. Had 7 last year and 9 the year before. But Peterson had 18 TDs last year so keep him in your top 3.

4. Maurice Jones-Drew: I don't really have anything negative to say about this guy other than he's playing on a mediocre team. His yardage is getting better every year and is a constant TD machine (scored 30 in the past 2 seasons). He won't last past the first round so draft him if he lands on your lap.

5. Chris Johnson: But, but he had over 2,000 yards and 16 TDs SHD. Why is CJ so low? SHD is fully aware of what Mr. Johnson's stats were last year. CJ is a good RB with elite speed but there's more than meets the eye with this guy right now. CJ's head has swelled up so much with ego, he'll need a new giant helmet. Long story short, once he starts getting shut down, he'll either get hurt or have a "phantom" injury to protect his rep. That's if he's motivated to play good at all since he's crying about wanting a new contract. Apparently he didn't mean to sign a five year deal his rookie season. Dude is a bag but worth a top five pick.

SHD's Sleepers

1. Ryan Mathews: Who? Mathews is San Diego's first round pick this year. He was brought in to replace LaDanian Tomlinson. He's in a picture perfect situation and the potential is there for this kid to start his career off with a bang.

2. Shonn Green: With Thomas Jones going to Kansas City, Green inherits the starting job in New York with LT backing him up. Jets are a run first team and he'll get his turn to prove himself. I think he'll fair well.

3. LeSean McCoy: Similar situation just like with Green. With Brian Westbrook cut, the starting job is his to lose and he'll be set up to succeed.

Don't Pick This Guy

Brandon Jacobs: Dude is a Fantasy Fraud. He had a good year a couple seasons back then he keeps having injuries (possible CJ future). Let some other sucker believe that he'll be worth drafting. SHD says just say no!

WR's next.


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