Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fantasy Football Rankings: TEs

Tight ends have changed the game of football within our generation. Today's NFL TE is basically a wide receiver on the O-line. Some even have burner type speed. They're an especially dangerous target in the red zone and can change the game on a single play.

With that said, TEs aren't gonna make or break your fantasy team. They're pretty good to have as a "once in a while hero" but there is a reason why most leagues only draft two. You don't really need them to win.

SHD's Top 5 TEs

1. JerMicheal Finley: You heard it here first. Combined with Aaron Rodgers, these two will wreck homes and break hearts this year. Finley did alot of damage last year and after surpassing Lee as the starter. Finley should have double-digit touchdowns this year.

2. Owen Daniels: Matt Schaub's go to guy before his ACL was tore last year mid-season. Should be healthy by opening day. Daniels is very consistent and a must start every week.

3. Dallas Clark: Clark had 100 catches and 10 touchdowns last year. Those stats are incredible. He is still joined at the hip with Manning and should still put up very good numbers this year.

4. Antonio Gates: Still putting good fantasy numbers. You can never count him out as long he still has Philip Rivers at QB. Still a top 5 TE.

5. Tony Gonzalez: Tony's touchdowns weren't as high as the previous year, but one stat did jump out at me. He had 83 catches last year which means he's still getting open. TD's should improve this year.

SHD's Sleepers

1. Chris Cooley: With a new QB under center, a new O-line and a new Head Coach, Cooley has the potential to have the best year he's ever had. Elite skills.

2. Brent Celek: Has alot of skills and now a new QB. Philly loves to target TEs, should have a decent year.

3. Zach Miller (Oakland): Its a tragedy this guy has to play for the Ray-Duhs. An awesome talent that no one knows about cuz Oakland's QB situation was horrible. Now that Jason Campbell is with him, Miller's unrealized potential should start to be realized. Campbell made Chris Cooley a household name.

Don't Pick This Guy

Jeremy Shockey:
Omg? But don't you know he's a Saint SHD? With Drew Brees... A: Yes. SHD is fully aware of where and who Mr. Shockey plays with. The truth is, Shockey hasn't done alot in his career, let alone with the Saints. He also has a hard time staying healthy. SHD says pass on him and draft a rookie if you had a choice.

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Walking Deadman said...

Fred Davis is going to have a big season had 6 TDs last year after Cooley broke his ankle.

Steeler Hater Dan said...

I like Davis also and I consider him a sleeper on the same level as Cooley and could have easily added him to the list. I just went with Cooley cuz of the depth chart, but I haven't forgotten about Fred, he was on my team last year.

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