Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fantasy Football Rankings: WRs

Here's the thing, there is a new break out wide reciever every year. The guy your counting on to be your stud (cuz "expert" so-and-so on espn or nfl said he is) suddenly flops. The truth is WRs are very unpredictable so when you draft, just go with your gut.

Here's what my gut says...

SHD's Top 5 WRs

1. Reggie Wayne: One third of Peyton Manning's touchdowns went to this guy last year. This Colt gets the first look cuz he is consistently open. Can't go wrong when you draft Reggie.

2. Brandon Marshall: Huh? Why SHD? Because the newest Dolphin matched my top WR's touchdowns with Kyle Orton at QB. Nothing against Kyle, but he's no Peyton. Marshall is motivated and in a better situation with a better QB. Its gonna rain touchdowns in Miami.

3. Andre Johnson: Every single year there is someone on tv saying Johnson is the best WR. Take him first, yadda yadda yadda. Look here's the deal, Johnson could very well be the best WR ever. His stats, especially his yardage the last two years, is down right incredible. But for fantasy sake, this is where SHD has him ranked. Still elite.

4. Randy Moss: Randy is still posting great fantasy numbers, even at age 33. The thing that kinda scares me is that you don't know which Moss will show up every year. If he's unhappy, you'll be sorry you drafted him. If he's motivated, you'll tell me I should've ranked him number one. Its true though, good luck.

5. Larry Fitzgerald: Larry became the elite WR he is when Kurt Warner arrived in Arizona. Then Kurt left. Larry was half of a dynamic duo with Anquan Boldin, which left him open alot. Then Anquan left. Its hard to say what is gonna happen to Larry's stats this year. I honestly didn't want him in my top 5 because of the extreme unknown factors but if anyone can overcome these odds, Larry can. Also I felt no one else was worthy of my top 5. Enjoy.

SHD's Sleepers

1. Robert Meachem: Alot of people don't know this, but Drew Brees loves this guy. Quietly he an awesome season last year with 9 tds and helped the Saints win the Superbowl. If you can get him as your #2 its a steal.

2. Mike Sims-Walker: The last good WR left in Jacksonville. He'll get all the looks cuz he's the only one that can get open. Had 7 tds last year. Should break out in a big way this year.

3. Johnny Knox: Blazing speed + Mike Martz + Jay Cutler = The potential for a monster year. Should be able to get him cheap.

Don't Pick This Guy

Hines Ward:
A major bag with no real fantasy valve. Can only really block now (dirty) and without Ben for up to 6 games, leave him on the shelf.

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