Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Night Videos: Countdowns

 [Technically, this is Belated Saturday Night Videos. Sorry -WD]

And it can't be a true countdown (or a Friday Night Videos) without using a song to set the tone........

Yes, I used a Europe song. Coincidentally, this is Matt Capps warm up music when he comes in to close for the Nats.

Ok, so to get you ready for football here's some Redskin countdowns for you:

- 2 days season tickets start to get shipped out to season ticket holders.

- 5 days until training camp starts.

- 14 days until Russ Grimm gets inducted to Canton and Fan Appreciation Day at Training Camp.

- 20 days until the Skins take the field against the Bills (Hooray Pre-Season!!!!!)

42 days until your 2010 Washington Redskins 53 man roster is announced

50 days until the home opener vs. the Cowboys

Keep an eye on some polls coming up this weekend......
Channel 4 (WRC TV- NBC) is showing Brothers of the Legacy- Focusing on Sam and Sonny (starting right about now)
Set Your DVRs/Tivos Training Camp Daily starts up again in a few days (July 29th)
I'm hoping to have a few more posts coming up to get you through to training camp.

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