Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Night Videos: Inception is here.....Updates, etc.

I've mentioned a few times that I'm a rather big fan of Christopher Nolan's various films and I would consider two of them (The Dark Knight, The Prestige) in my top 10 favorite all-time films. So, obviously I am very much looking forward to see Inception this weekend. If it's as good as I think it will be, then I'm going to make a trip to see it in IMAX sometime before too long. When The Dark Knight opened- I caught that in IMAX and it was incredible.

Speaking of The Dark Knight, there are rumors that the third Batman film will start shooting in April 2011. The release date is supposed to be July 20th, 2012. Mark you calenders.

Anyway, here's a review of Inception by Capone of Ain't It Cool News. He's one of the few reviewers that I agree with most (not all) of the time on that site. Also, here's a link to the movie's web site (again Nolan and Warner Brothers have gone all out to make a decent web site to promote his film. The Dark Knight site and the Why So Serious? viral marketing were brilliant.) Also, they have put out a prequel comic The Cobol Job on the site and while it's not required reading, might be worth checking out.

Jeeze, as much as I'm promoting the movie, you'd think I should get paid......maybe I should run some advertisements.

Site Updates
- Expect a few advertisements to pop up this weekend. I'm going to try out Google's adsense feature to start and we'll go from there on whether IIWII will continue down the line with ads. Again, IIWII has been just fun to write and if the ads and stuff get in the way of providing content, then they'll be stopped. But if you see something worth clicking, please go and check it out.

-I'll have a poll up this weekend. Probably about Haynesworth or some other stuff.

- Still finishing up a post about the schedule, should be a good read once I get done with it. I will discuss every game with key matchups and who to keep an eye on fantasy-wise that week for the Skins.

- Like I've said before, we have plenty in store coming up on IIWII to get you through to training camp and speaking of training looks like I will be able to get down to Ashburn for 1 day. What day that will be, I have no clue but more on that (and hopefully pictures) will pop up here after I get back from training camp.

Finally, a music video......

Pink Floyd's Terminal Frost. It's a pretty cool track from their Momentary Lapse of Reason album. Interestingly enough, I heard it on the Local on the 8's forecast on The Weather Channel and figured I would share (plus the song kind of got stuck in my head).

Have a nice weekend and stay cool

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