Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's a Good Day to be an Ex-Redskins QB

The last three of four (Todd Collins being #4 filling in for the injured Jason Campbell) primary Redskin starters Patrick Ramsey, Mark Brunell and Jason Campbell got some good news today as two of the three just were signed to new teams and the third was named the starter for his team.

It was a no brainer for the most part. Practically everybody had a good idea that when Jason Campbell was traded that he'd be the starting QB for the Raiders. It just makes sense. The Raiders finally came to that conclusion today.

Mark Brunell has been rumored to be joining the Jets as Mark Sanchez's backup for months now and today that rumor became official.

Meanwhile, with Brunell's departure from the Saints, there was a need for a QB in New Orleans and former 1st rounder- now journeyman Patrick Ramsey signed today to fill that void.

They weren't that successful in DC, but all three seemed to be good guys and Ramsey and Campbell in particular remained classy and professional despite being jerked around by the organization at times in their tenures here. IIWII wishes you the best (except when you're playing the Skins).

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