Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Most Annoying Story Heading Into Training Camp.......

Is Brett Favre Coming Back?

(I don't know, I just don't know!!!!)
There have been a few annoying storylines that we've been forced to read/hear about in the off-season. Here in DC, it's been Albert Haynesworth and his wanting to be paid but not wanting to play for the Skins in the process (now it appears he's ready to play). The Who wants T.O.? (nobody) game has been fun during most of the off season. The fun ended when the Bengals and the Rams finally made a play for the former locker room cancer-turned-reborn teammate with a case of the dropsies. The Bengals got their man and fans from 31 other teams rejoiced and thanked the Bengals for playing.

That still leaves Favre. While Rich Eisen and the NFL Network have some fun with the "Favre Watch", ESPN and other sites have just been going crazy on the "will he or won't he return" storyline. Even having Favre chime in from time to time about not knowing what he wants to do or if he can play up to the level he played at last year. Meanwhile, his teammates are being interviewed about Favre's return and of course we're shown the annual trek for Brad Childress to visit Favre and beg him to come back and play.
(In between his stops at Sesame Street)
Wait....what's that? We have some BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! Brett Favre has made a decision.
(I've had an epiphany! I've decided that I still don't know what I want to do. But I'll still continue to make Sears commercials about my indecision.)
I think the Vikings fans who are hoping that Favre will be there won't be disappointed.  He's coming back. That's my opinion. Let's look at it this way: Favre pretty much ended last season with a lousy interception that killed the Vikings chances to win the game (with a long FG). Favre isn't going to retire as the QB who cost the Vikings the NFC championship (and possibly a Super Bowl championship) on a bad pass. He'll go out on a memorable highlight that ESPN or FOX can show ad nauseum.

Second, I think even the most die-hard of die-hard Favre fans have to admit that Favre enjoys the media attention and how players/coaches/front office staff literally beg via the media or through trips to Favre's home for him to come back and play. I personally think there will be no retirement until Favre gets a 2 hour ESPN special talking about his retirement (Chris Berman would host. Maybe it would be called The Indecision). LeBron James set the bar very high this year for media attention, no way is Favre going to get trumped by a player who hasn't even won a championship.
(Honest. This time I'm really retired. These are tears of sincerity.)
Third, this is about training camp (or not wanting to participate in training camp). If you've ever played football at any level, then you pretty much know training camp isn't fun. Favre is ancient in football years, so I can understand why he doesn't want to be out there. I can say that I can't blame him and I get that if you wear him down now, there won't be much left of the "gunslinger" come playoffs.You can argue either way about whether he should be out there or not, I just wish everybody was more honest about it.

He'll be back folks. And then there will come a point in this season where it will start all over again. Won't that be fun?

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