Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Really Cool Present

I recently tweeted that I had a surprise for the IIWII readers and well, this is it. This is a game worn Phillip Daniels jersey from the 2006 season that was given to me as a birthday present by the Mrs. I've always thought it'd be nice to own or to at least see a game worn jersey up close. This one is just....awesome.

I only took some pictures of it like this (from the back), if you want to see what the front looks like (trust me, you do- there's a bunch of battle damage on it including a huge gash just above the numbers) leave a comment. Two comments and I'll take some more pics.

Here's a few more from the back:

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Brooding Burgundy said...

very cool indeed. one of my favorite gifts is also a skins jersey, but it's just a sean taylor replica. phil daniels probably doesn't have the same cache, but anything game-worn is pretty much sacred.

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