Monday, July 19, 2010

Redskins News and Notes: 7/19/2010

A quick news and notes for somebody who needs a Redskins fix for the day. I'm still working on a breakdown of the schedule as I type this out. Problem is, that it's lengthy and I have to look up some stats and other things so I don't look like a complete idiot when it comes to the key matchups and fantasy commentary. I'm through the introduction and the first 2 weeks. I hope to have it done before the end of the week (crosses fingers).

Until then here's some news and some interesting Redskins stuff I've found lately:

Mike Shanahan talks about meeting with Haynesworth before he took the money and ran and how Albert was willing to play any position......before he got the money (Sporting News) Found via Redskins Pulse.

Speaking of Haynesworth, Floppy may not be as "Fat" as people have been expecting him to be at camp. Matter of fact, he's lost 32 pounds according to his trainer (Redskins Blog).
"Words are meaningless" and Homer McFanboy explains why losing some weight won't be enough to get into the players and the fans good graces (Homer McFanboy).

Chris Cooley felt Zorn lost the locker room (Ed. Note- I agree with him fully with the time he lost it, although it looked like he got it back for a week or two as the season progressed) (DC Sports Bog).

ARE blames Dan Snyder for Zorn's failure. And a commenter (2nd commenter- no it wasn't me) in the article blames "The Invisible Man" for ARE's failure as a punt returner "Who was the invisible man holding him back when he caught a punt. Has to be the reason he danced for 3 yards and fell down." (PFT)

If you haven't seen it, here's the ad. campaign for the Skins season (in particular premium seating)
R you in?

I've seen the video on a couple different sites and Redskins Nation. Pretty cool. I'm already in, so I guess this doesn't mean that much to me. But a cool ad anyway.

Doug Farrar takes a look at some of Mike Shanahan's plays and why they'll help the Skins win. Complete with Madden-esque animations and a detailed walk through of the plays. A MUST READ!!!!!! (Washington Post). Special Thanks to ES poster authentic for finding this great read in this ES thread.

Staying Medium is having a very nice breakdown on each position as we head into camp. Here's the link to to his most recent one: Linebackers.
Like I've said, IIWII will focus on some "on the bubble" players as we make our way to/through camp and yes, I'm going to do my mock 53 man roster as well. Let's see how terribly wrong I am.

"Hell Week" is currently happening for Donovan McNabb and the WRs/TEs who joined him in Arizona including QB Colt Brennan. (Redskins Insider/WP)

Happy 1st Birthday to BGO. It seems like you guys have been around much longer than just a year. And they've got a brand spanking new logo to boot.
More stuff coming up......


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