Monday, July 26, 2010

Season Tickets Are Here!!!!

I was dozing and listening to The Sports Fix on ESPN 980 when I heard the sound of a large truck moving down my road. It was a FedEx delivery truck and it was pulling in my lane. The FedEx guy came up to me and said "These are Redskins season tickets, right?" and I said "ummm yeah." (in a half asleep voice/tone).

It's almost like Christmas when when you get these. Plus, it alleviates a fear that I always have about the tickets getting lost. Anyway here are your 2010 tickets and the players for each game.


vs. Bills (Santana Moss)
vs. Ravens (Malcolm Kelly)
vs. Cowboys (Clinton Portis)
vs. Texans (London Fletcher)
vs. Packers (Donovan McNabb)
vs. Colts (Brian Orakpo)
vs. Eagles (Andre Carter)
vs. Vikings (LaRon Landry)
vs. Buccaneers (DeAngelo Hall)
vs. Giants (Chris Cooley)

Interesting that there is no Albert Haynesworth on the tickets.
Also interesting was that McNabb is not on the Eagles ticket.


Special Team Sports said...

Soooo I am gonna go with MK not getting released as he is on the ticket marketing campain?

Walking Deadman said...

that would be my guess....I wonder why Fred Davis didn't get a ticket, he's not going anywhere.

Dave O said...

Every summer I too am gripped with anxiety that my tickets got lost or forgotten or something. And I haven't gotten mine yet so now I'm stressing out over it.

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