Saturday, July 31, 2010

Your Training Camp Stories in a Few Sentences (Day 2)

(There will be limited links to actual articles since this is an amalgam of everything I saw and heard yesterday)

1. Trent Williams signed early yesterday morning. 6yr/60mil. with 36 mil. guaranteed and attended his first practice at training camp as a Redskin under contract. I expect Trent to be taking his teammates to dinner and them running up a huge bill for the rookie, as is a typical practice as an NFL ritual.

2. Albert Haynesworth failed his condition test again. Ray Wright (Skins strength and conditioning coach) explains what Albert has to do to the media. Some have tried to spin it that this is pay back by Shanahan, others have said that it must be done to send a message to the team. Some have also tried to say that Haynesworth's teammates think this is too hard. Washington Post Live's Ivan Carter tried Haynesworth's test to see if he could do it-- he passed easily (Note: Carter is much lighter than Haynesworth, but he's 35 and was already tired from playing basketball earlier).

3. Joey Galloway and Roydell Williams are your staring WRs....huh?

4. Offense had a better day than the defense.

Follow John Pappas' and Brian Murphy's coverage on Extremeskins: day1 and day2
(photo by Extremeskins flickr link to site below)

Also, they/ES has a pretty nice photo gallery (I'm assuming taken by Murphy) you can look at here.
Don't forget The Redskins Blog coverage (link here).
I've been watching Training Camp Daily on Comcast so far and it hasn't been as good as previous years, I'm hoping it gets better.


Dave O said...

"3. Joey Galloway and Roydell Williams are your staring WRs....huh?"

I'm not buying it. This has Shanahan Mind Game written all over it.

Walking Deadman said...

I don't either Dave. I'm expecting a breakout season for Thomas.

Steeler Hater Dan said...


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