Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fantasy Football Rankings: Defense/Special Teams

A secret that's not a secret, your fantasy defense/special teams is not gonna make or break you. But if your expecting a tight match, they could pleasantly surprise you. So its important to at least know your team defense. Here's a few suggestions...
SHD's Top 5 D/STs

1. Green Bay: Scored 4 defensive touchdowns off 30 interceptions last year with 37 sacks. Improved group.

2. Philadelphia: Two returns for touchdowns last year with 44 sacks and 4 defensive touchdowns off 25 interceptions. Not bad, I just like Green Bay's potential better.

3. Minnesota: If Percy Harvin is still handling the return duties this year and gets better, who cares what Jared Allen and the rest of the defense can do. Very Dangerous.

4. San Francisco: Top rated fantasy D last year. 3 defensive touchdowns off 18 interceptions. Gotta love Mike Singletary. I would keep them top 5 for now.

5. Baltimore: Yeah SHD is a homer sometimes. Even with a thin secondary, Baltimore usually finds a way to get it done in fantasy. 32 sacks and 3 defensive touchdowns last year off 22 interceptions.

SHD's Sleepers

1. Cleveland: Huh? Well the Browns had 4 returns for touchdowns last year and everyone knows what Josh Cribbs is capable of by now. Very dangerous group under new management could translate well into fantasy points.

2. San Diego: Still hungry group searching for the Holy Grail. Always good. Keep them in mind.

3. Houston: Mario Williams ain't no punk afta all yo! Lots sacks and turnovers can't keep 'em off my list. Always remember who the hungry teams are. Texans are one of them.

Don't Pick These Guys

New York Jets:
OMG? SHD, the Jets were the top rated defense last year! Don't you remember "Revis Island"?

Well congrats to the Jets for their success last year, but it didn't really do fantasy players too much good with points last year. Good defense in real life, terrible for your fantasy team. Just say no!

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