Friday, August 27, 2010

A Few Things to Watch for Tonight Redskins/Jets Preview (Preseason)

(Rex Ryan is just saying the Jets are #1, what's the big deal?)
What to say about the Jets that hasn't already been said? They have become the darlings of the NFL. With a strong defense, a solid run game and a young QB who went from struggling in the regular season to pretty good in the post season the Jets have become a favorite to win the AFC Championship and make a early claim for a Lombardi. Of course the Jets are without ultra shutdown corner Darrelle Revis (holdout) but they are still an incredibly tough challenge. I mean you saw what happened to Eli Manning, right?
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Meanwhile, the Redskins are trying to move onto tonight's game and forget about last week's loss to the Ravens (of course, some Ravens' fans and John Harbaugh seem to be reveling in the pre-season victory but I digress....). Unlike last week, the team is actually game planning for the Jets. Hopefully, we'll get to see a better picture of what the Redskins will look like this season after tonight. However, the team will have to do all of this without a few key starters. Donovan McNabb, Mike Sellers and Kareem Moore are out with injuries from last week. Malcolm Kelly is also likely to not play because of the nagging injury to his hamstring that just won't seem to get better. I would also expect limited time from RT Jammal Brown, who has had only about a series or two in the entire pre-season.

Obviously the first and foremost things I'm hoping for is NO INJURIES.
There will be some significant adjustments and for a large chunk of the game, I'll be looking more at scheme and how the players fit the schemes more than individual performances. That said, there will be some players that you should be following throughout the game.

Players to Watch

Albert Haynesworth- Tonight will be a big game for the guy that's been nothing but a "headache" most of the off season.  While Haynesworth will not be a starter (again), there is a good chance that he'll get some significant playing time at RDE with some of the 1st unit.

Rex Grossman- With McNabb out, it will be up to Grossman to handle the bulk of the duties. Can he bounce back after last week?

John Beck vs. Richard Bartel-  They will get some action tonight and if either are going to have a chance to make the roster they need to have a decent performance.

O-line- What O-line shows up in the dress rehearsal? The line that hardly allowed McNabb/Grossman to be touched all night or the line that let McNabb get thrown around like a rag doll? Also, I'll be curious to see how the run blocking looks like after last week.

Devin Thomas- If he wants to be a starter, then he has to start playing like a starter. That means consistency in pass catching and the ability to get open downfield.

Andre Carter- Looked better last week on some of his contains. Looking for more improvement.

Ryan Torain vs. Keiland Williams pt.3- The battle for #3 continues.

Reed Doughty and the other safeties- Can anybody on the roster step up and fill in for the injured Kareem Moore? How will Doughty look in pass coverage? Big questions as we head towards week 1.

Darrel Young- Still is a long shot to make the roster, but another strong performance will make it harder for the Skins to let him go.

Willie Parker- Just hasn't looked that "fast" to me. This is his opportunity to finally show what he can do with the start tonight.

Larry Johnson- After a dismal performance last week, Johnson hopes to rebound and prove that he's got something left in the tank.

Game recap and thoughts should be up sometime late Friday night/early Saturday morning.

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