Wednesday, August 4, 2010

IIWII is Going to Camp

(Photo by ME 2004 Training Camp)

That's right, IIWII will be making the trip to Ashburn to attend a day of practice and the dreaded "Fan Appreciation Day". I make it out to be bad and it's not. The Redskins usually do some really nice things for the fans (bring out the cheerleaders, the band, make the players available for autographs). It's just really, really (I mean really) crowed with fans. I expect 30,000 or more there. It was the only day I could make it down there but I'm expecting to have a real fun time watching the Skins and getting a look at Mike Shanahan's scheme and our new 3-4.

Anyway, we're hoping to have some good spots and plan to take plenty of pics. Here's where you the readers of IIWII come in: What do you want to read about? You want me to focus on the O-line or McNabb or the D? A certain player? Let me know. Leave a comment and I'll see what I can do while I'm there.


John said...

Would love to hear something on the Lorenzo Alexander/Andre Carter battle. And I'd love to know how London is handling the switch to 3-4.

Walking Deadman said...

I'll see what I can do. I will say that the early word is that Fletcher is doing fine and that Alexander is rumored to be playing a significant role as a OLB this year.

John said...

Specifically the o-line, but overall the feel and energy of the team.

And make sure you don't melt your father in-law in the sun and heat.

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