Thursday, August 12, 2010

Redskins News and Notes; 8/12/10

- If you're going to the game Friday, you may want to keep an eye out on all of the changes the Skins have made to FedEx and the overall aesthetic. If not, you can read about them here and here. More or less Matt Terl is talking about the video boards and the grounds around FedEx. Skins have done a nice job from what I've seen/read and I can't wait to look at the new video boards (no more Lite Brite jokes).

-Haynesworth and McNabb to play in the pre-season opener. Malcolm Kelly, Jammal Brown and Chris Horton are out. I also believe Richard Bartel is out (hamstring) as well.

- Speaking of Malcolm Kelly, I can't do a link dump without mentioning something that has the Redskins community all a buzz. The Redskins released their official (as of week 1 preseason) depth chart.It's hard to tell if this actually means anything. In prior years, the depth chart meant exactly nothing with the team noting that they just put it out there (guess they were bored or something). Mike Shanahan's regime seems a little different. Maybe this is really how this team stands as of now, or maybe Shanahan is trying to light an even bigger fire under some of the younger players (Thomas, Kelly, Tryon).  Maybe it could be a little of both. Competition has been fierce this off season and I'm sure the players would like to know heading into their first exhibition game where they stand with the team. More on this after the game vs. the Bills as I'm going to focus on some of these guys in the 2nd -4th string.

-Justin Tryon a 4th stringer? Wow, and going into camp FO's Bill Barnwell had him as their 5th best prospect heading into the season. (More info. on DC Landing Strip).

- I think the SkinsCast guys have wrapped up their daily camp coverage, but you can still read about practice from Gary Fitzgerald over at Here are the August 9th and August 11th recaps.

-Finally, I'll end with a "shouldn't Andy Reid have more things to worry about" story. A fan with VIP passes came to Eagles camp wearing a Redskins' Donovan McNabb jersey. He was asked by security to remove the jersey and that the request came directly from Andy Reid. You think that's a distraction, wait until McNabb throws a few TDs against you Andy, now that will be a distraction......especially in Philly when the batteries will start flying.

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