Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Updates: It Should be a Fun Week(end) at IIWII

(No FedEx games this weekend, sorry folks- Photo WD)

Lot's of things planned for this weekend here at IIWII.

I'm hoping tomorrow I'll have my first Quest for 53 roster predictions. There may be a few surprise cuts and some open roster spaces (I'm convinced that there may be some O-linemen and WRs on the final 53 that currently aren't on the Redskins roster). Albert Haynesworth will be on my 53 as well.

This weekend should also have some good content for the IIWII readers. I'm going to put up a Redskins @ Jets preview and a game re-cap. The good news is that since I won't be covering the Skins live, the game re-cap will hopefully be up late Friday/early Saturday. I'm also hoping to have two articles up as well. One will finish up IIWII's look at the Redskins' schedule (click here for part 1). The second will look back on my day at training camp. Earlier, I posted a camp report which focused on the team. This will talk about my experience at camp with more pictures and a little more emphasis on the fan experience opposed to what the Redskins were doing.

Speaking of pictures......
I hope you've liked some of the pictures that we've been taking at IIWII. This will continue throughout the season as we continue to provide some shots for our articles. Also, I'm planning to create a separate page on the site with most of the photos taken from this year and previous years. Hope you enjoy them.

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If I have time on Friday, maybe a Friday Night Video- featuring a new show coming to AMC.

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